A law firm that chooses to have anyone available answer, collect, evaluate, and process their leads without the right training is setting itself up for inefficiency and low client conversions.

As you very well know, not every lead that comes into your office will be one that you wish to nurture. Some cases are too small to be of value to your firm, while others are outside the scope of law you handle.

There is an art to lead intake and evaluation. It requires a certain skill, instinct, and training. But all law firms should try to master it.

The Nuances of the Lead Intake Process

The lead intake process should be able to identify the good leads and the bad ones. This starts with asking the right questions to get the right information. All firms are different and vary on what makes a “good” lead. First, you need to define this for your firm. Then you need to make sure whoever is answering your phones and corresponding with leads knows what questions to ask.

Whoever is doing this for your firm should do so with empathy. The right tone makes the caller feel more comfortable and relaxed. It can create a great first impression of your firm. It will also get the information you need to determine if you can help the caller resolve his or her legal case.

Just as Artists Have a System, So Should Your Lead Intake Process

Watch an artist at work and you’ll see many of them have a system in place to allow maximum flow of their creativity. The same goes for your lead intake process; a systematic approach to the process will help you improve efficiency and get the most return on your leads.

A good lead intake system will prevent nonviable leads from ever making it past the initial contact phase. A great lead intake system will continue to evaluate and nurture the leads that pass that initial phase, weeding out the weaker ones until all that is left on your desk is a complete case file for your next client.

Find Your Next Lead Intake Artists with Alert Communications

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