Technology is becoming paramount in law firm processes, helping you track your potential clients and keep existing clients satisfied and well served. From the time a prospect reaches out for more information, to the time their case concludes, you can use technology to make the process as smooth as possible. Here are some essential technologies to make this process easier.

Online CRM/CMS

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or Case Management Software (CMS) are both essential to help you stay organized. You can use these to track and manage all of your interactions, both with potential clients and with existing clients. The software allows you to keep your data in one location, so you can easily see where a contact is in the process. With a quality CRM or CMS system, you can stay organized more easily. Online programs are even more effective because they allow access to information from anywhere.

Digital Calendar Scheduling

Keeping tabs on a paper calendar is no longer necessary. Digital calendar scheduling makes it simple for you and everyone on your team to see when people are scheduling for follow-up appointments. Many online scheduling calendars will also email your customers details about their appointments, so you know they will remember them. Having a digital schedule that emails your client prevents them from going back into research mode and finding a new law firm.

For more information about how to use digital calendars effectively, download our free guide entitled 6 Technologies/Tools Every Law Firm Needs to Elevate Their Client Intake.

Advanced Phone Systems

For quality client intake, you need more than just a phone. You need a system that can record the conversation and create conference lines. A directed voicemail system guiding callers to the right spot is helpful. The system should collect data about callers, be compatible with headsets, and have some customization available.

Digital Contracts

Digital contracts make it possible to set prospects on the path to becoming a client with the very first phone call. Send contracts via text or email for a quick and easy e-sign (electronic signature). You can increase conversions and eliminate organizational headaches when you streamline the contract delivery and signing process.


Your law firm needs to have a human touch, but it should do so in an automated way. You are busy, and you don’t have time to reach out to potential clients all day long. Automated processes and responses, if they can feel personal, are extremely helpful. Remember, your potential clients want an instant response, and if you can deliver that through automation, you will stop them from shopping elsewhere.

Digital Reporting Tools

How effective are your results? Without law firm digital reporting tools, you can’t see how your firm is doing and where you could improve. Digital reporting tools should build into the law firm technology you invest in.

What should your technology capture? Look for tools that capture data such as:

  • Total incoming leads
  • Lead capture rate
  • Conversion rate
  • The average cost per lead
  • Marketing ROI

With this information, you can tweak your intake process to improve its effectiveness.

In a crowded market, your law firm needs a way to stand out, and technology can give you that edge. By partnering with a well-known, well-respected company like Alert Communications, you can make use of these technologies with less of a learning curve. With the right help, you can transition into using these helpful technologies and improve efficiency, ultimately increasing revenue at your firm. For more information, download our law firm technologies guide today.