Your law firm staff can’t be on call 24/7, but you have potential clients who will call at all hours of the day. A legal answering service allows you to have this additional coverage and support for your firm, so you can start converting those incoming leads even when you have clocked out for the day. This is a critical component of your marketing success, but if you are partnered with an answering service that isn’t driving results or helping you reach your goals, you are wasting your money. You must know how to evaluate the answering service to ensure it is doing the job well.

5 Signs Your Legal Answering Service Is Failing

How can you tell if your legal answering service is doing a poor job? Watch for these signs:

1. You’re Losing a Large Number of Leads

One of the main reasons you hire a legal answering service is to capture more leads. If your intake partner is not helping you reduce the number of lost leads, then you’re not receiving quality service. The industry lead loss rate is more than 8%, but at Alert Communications, we strive to achieve a rate less than 3% for our clients. Our superior intake services and smart lead tracking help guarantee a higher rate of lead capture and conversion for your firm.

2. You Aren’t Receiving 24/7/365 Coverage

As a law firm, it’s essential that someone is available to respond to every lead, no matter what time or day they come in. For example, if a personal injury client has a car accident at midnight on Christmas Day and needs your services, your firm will likely capture the lead if someone can provide a live response with answers to the client’s questions. Maintaining a high level of responsiveness can help you capture more leads and achieve marketing success.

3. They Don’t Offer Spanish Language Support

There are roughly 41 million native Spanish speakers living in the United States, and they control $1.3 trillion in buying power. It’s crucial that your law firm is able to communicate with this large population to increase your profit potential. Be sure that your legal answering service not only speaks their language but also understands their distinct cultural behaviors.

4. You Don’t Have Access to Reporting

Do you get analytics reports from your legal answering service? Analytics help you determine what is or is not working in your law firm. You need to see key metrics like total number of incoming leads, lead capture rate, lead conversion rate, average cost per lead and even marketing ROI. Through transparency reporting, these are all metrics you will receive by partnering with Alert Communications.

5. You’re Not Seeing an Increase in Revenue

Your legal answering service should have a direct, positive impact on your firm’s revenue. The more leads you capture, the more you can convert into paying clients. If you aren’t seeing this income increase, then it may be due to poor service from your legal answering service. Be sure to assess your client intake process, but also evaluate your partner to identify any areas of improvement.

A highly qualified legal answering service is going to bring you more leads and more revenue. Alert Communications is a solution that will provide trained, bilingual intake specialists with 24/7/365 support, so your firm is always able to answer when people call. By partnering with our effective answering service, you can improve your client intake process and create greater business and revenue.