Not all call centers are created equal. Here are four obvious signs the answering service you invested in might not be meeting all of your needs.

1. It doesn’t perform client intakes.

If your answering service doesn’t perform client intakes, it’s time to find a more efficient service. Boost productivity by investing in a call center that goes the extra mile and has the ability to gather the vital information your firm needs to qualify leads. An excellent answering service should be able to email your firm complete intakes in real-time and integrate it into your current CRM.

2. It doesn’t offer contract services.

When your leads come in by phone, chat, web form, email or text, a great service should be equipped to take those leads and turn them into contracts. The service should also be able to import your dead leads lists into their system and make outbound calls taking initial contact through signed contract. Lastly, being able to customize your contract services is a must. It’s rare to find this feature, but it’s available!

3. It doesn’t answer your calls around the clock.

A service worth investing in will pick up your calls after-hours and on weekends and holidays—period. First, it’s time to reconsider relying on voicemail. According to Forbes, 80% of callers sent to voicemail don’t leave messages because they assume they won’t be heard. It’s also important to consider that the peak time for searching the internet is between 7-9 p.m. This “internet rush hour” is taking place after you have left the office and since most legal consumers find lawyers online you could be missing a vast window of possible cases. Make sure that a real person answers the phone by hiring an answering service that is available around the clock—24/7/365.

4. It doesn’t offer Spanish language support.

According to the World Population Review, there are over 37 million Spanish speakers in the United States, making up almost 13% of the entire population. If you don’t have anybody at your firm to communicate with this population, you’re missing yet another huge window of possible leads. If the answer service you hired for your firm doesn’t have Spanish-speaking specialists, it’s time to consider making the switch. Don’t miss out on any more opportunities!

Time for a Service Change?

Alert Communications isn’t just an answering service. It has all the qualities of a traditional answering service, and much more to meet the needs of your law firm:

  • Alert specializes in intakes and has completed millions of them
  • Alert offers customized contract services to take your leads from “Contact-2-Contract”
  • Alert offers dead list follow-ups and makes outbound calls
  • Alert is open on weekdays, weekends and holidays – essentially 24/7/365 so you can rest easy
  • Alert can communicate with most of, if not, all of your leads, as 45% of our intake specialists are bilingual

Think it’s time for change at your law firm? For more information, visit us at or call 844-694-6825.