According to Forbes, Hispanics account for nearly half of the population growth in the United States and have been the main drivers since 2000.

In fact, they are the fastest growing minority in the country.

Over 82 percent of Hispanic adults say they speak Spanish, and studies by the Pew Hispanic Center show that 95 percent think it’s important for future generations to continue to do so.

Can your law firm afford to miss out on this massive Spanish-speaking market?

If you don’t have the bandwidth, tap into the Hispanic population by partnering with a bilingual lawyer answering service.

Read on for some of the many benefits.

Remove the Language Barrier

First and foremost, communicating when there is a language barrier can be very frustrating for both parties. This is especially the case when the communication is between a business and a customer.

Not speaking the same language as the caller can create a disconnect that negatively impacts the quality of customer service your firm can offer.

A bilingual lawyer answering service can help your law firm break down this barrier and communicate effectively with both your Spanish and English-speaking clients.

Increase Loyalty

Before you can convert leads into loyal, paying clients, you must first create relationships—this all starts with effective communication.

Can your receptionist understand and empathize with the caller’s situation and successfully convey how your firm can help? The answer is most likely no if the caller speaks a language your receptionist does not understand.

Once you break down the language barrier, you can communicate properly with your callers and move in the direction of creating relationships and developing trust.

This relationship can lead to more business down the road, as the new client will be more likely to recommend your firm to friends and family or use your services again in the future. A bilingual lawyer answering service can help you achieve this.

Save Money 

A bilingual answering service can save you the expense of staffing bilingual employees to answer incoming calls and perform client intake.

Hiring a new employee or two could cost your firm thousands of dollars a year, not to mention the time and money that goes into the training process.

It’s also common that bilingual employees are paid even more than non-bilingual employees, making things even more expensive.

Partnering with a bilingual lawyer answering service is like having an entire staff of dedicated, already-trained receptionists who speak the language of your callers and capture leads, without the financial burden.

Expand Your Business with a Bilingual Lawyer Answering Service

With a bilingual lawyer answer service, you have the power to expand your business into a whole new population you couldn’t reach before.

At Alert Communications, we help thousands of attorney clients, and almost half of our intake specialists are bilingual. We want to help your firm reach Spanish-speaking legal consumers, and we want to help you grow! For more information, visit our website or call 844-694-6825.