Every successful law firm has a solid sales funnel that attracts and converts potential legal leads. How a firm fits into a lead’s journey usually determines whether that lead stays or goes to the competition.

Read on to learn more about the buyer’s journey for a legal lead and how a legal call center can positively impact the process.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

The legal buyer’s journey consists of the steps the lead takes, from their own perspective, when deciding to contact your firm.

First, your firm must meet the lead’s expectations. If you look at the journey solely from your point of view, instead of the potential client’s, you are unlikely to convert as many leads into clients. You need to tailor the process to each lead in order to keep them in your sales funnel instead of them going to your competitor’s sales funnel. When your firm fits the lead’s buyer’s journey, they will stop shopping and decide that your practice suits their needs. There are a variety of ways to keep them in your sales funnel.

How to Keep Leads in Your Sales Funnel

Keep leads in your funnel by responding in a timely manner, assuring them your firm will take care of their legal situation, and providing ample information so they are confident about their next steps with your firm.

Generally, leads looking for legal help want to know your firm will walk through the process with them.

For instance, if the lead expects to speak to a human immediately, any firm that sends callers to voicemail will not fit into the lead’s buyer’s journey. According to an ABA intake study, it takes a firm three or more days to respond to a phone call 42% of the time. In one-third of cases, callers never speak to a person.

This is not acceptable if the lead’s buyer’s journey requires talking to a real person. In this case, they probably won’t even leave a voicemail.

If you provide the experience your potential clients are expecting, they will stay with your firm instead of choosing another, more responsive firm that fits their journey.

How a Legal Call Center Can Help

When you partner with a legal call center, it ensures a live intake specialist will answer your phone within three rings and respond to web leads within 2-5 minutes. This timely human response from a virtual receptionist for lawyers cuts out automated systems and voicemail, which likely leaves the lead unsure about their next steps with your firm — and they might continue shopping.

Consider these additional advantages:

  • Legal call centers offer professional interactions with prospects. Potential clients searching for an attorney expect professional treatment. More than 5% of greetings, however, are considered “rude.” Another 22% were deemed generic, according to the ABA Benchmark study. When you use a legal call center, you’ll get a professional greeting and a personalized interaction that fits the lead’s expectations for service.
  • Legal call centers provide dedicated intake specialists. These specialists are experts at qualifying and converting leads. They collect all of the relevant information necessary during intake and help move the lead the rest of the way through your sales funnel, if qualified. If the lead is qualified and ready to make a decision, the intake specialist can convert the lead into a client on your behalf.
  • Legal call center employees receive specialized training so they can provide the best possible experience to each client. This includes training in empathy and psychology, legal terminology, call control, and more– everything they need to create an elevated client experience.
  • Legal call centers can help sort qualified leads. Not all leads are right for your firm or campaign. The goal isn’t to convert 100% of callers and web leads, but rather to convert 100% of those that do qualify. Intake specialists ensure you only have qualified leads sent your way. This cuts down on wasted time for the lead and your firm.
  • Legal call centers answer calls 24/7/365. This is absolutely critical for capturing all qualified leads, even when you and your staff are not present at your firm.

By making a legal call center an extension of your firm, you can match the expectations of your potential clients with the capabilities of your practice. In turn, leads will stop shopping around and focus on completing their buyer’s journey within your firm’s sales funnel.