How A Live Chat Service Helps Lawyers And Boosts Customer Intake

A phone answering service for your law firm may not be enough. In fact, you could be missing out on opportunities to increase revenue and reduce client drop-off rates. Here are a few ways a live chat service for your law firm could be beneficial to grow your business and get new clients.

Legal chat services help customers and prospects immediately

Whether a website visitor is an existing client seeking a case update or a prospect looking for legal advice, you want to be sure they are connected with a live person immediately. A live chat answering service directly integrates with your website and engages with site visitors on your behalf. This can help you to resolve problems faster and improve your firm’s overall reputation. When you establish a reputation for fast response times, you build trust between yourself, existing clients and prospects. They know they can expect their concerns to be addressed promptly every time with a 24-hour live chat assistant.

You save clients and in-house staff time with faster data collection

A chat service can save your clients and employees time. It allows in-house staff to focus on other matters while an agent is gathering data. Without a live chat service, your clients and prospects may be left waiting to hear back until you or your in-house staff member is available. Delays in communication can negatively impact the client experience and cost you valuable opportunities.

Data from live chat tools provide context and inform future decision-making

Live chat tools allow you to communicate with and learn about your customers and prospects. Chat agents can record data, including who is contacting your business and why they are contacting you. You can gather data from live chat services to inform future marketing and business decisions. In addition, you could also use it as a way to document interactions fully. Some business owners use live chat to “store a full history on customer issues and bring context to new customer inquiries.”1

Hire Alert Communications, a 24-Hour leading legal answering service

Our legal answering service provides round-the-clock support to customers over the phone, via your website and SMS. Our live agents collect valuable information, take messages, record lead information and improve conversion rates. We have helped hundreds of lawyers capture leads faster and increase their return on investment. Streamline your processes, retain more clients and improve client relationships by partnering with a service like Alert Communications to provide live chat, text and call-answering support.

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