Every call to your law firm is a possible client– a lucrative one that could potentially be captured on the very first call.

Missing out is not an option, and hiring a legal conversion center for your law firm will ensure you don’t.

The Modern Law Firm

If you are anything like most law firms out there, you spend (too much) time:

  • Training new staff
  • Overseeing office administration
  • Fixing bad administrative procedures
  • Fixing faulty technology
  • Interviewing potential clients
  • Chasing paperwork from existing clients
  • Shuffling from court to the firm and back, all day!

In short– you are busy, but you need clients to keep coming through the door and contracts to be signed. Therefore, every call must be answered.

This isn’t always possible at a busy law firm. However, with the help of a legal conversion center, it is.

Legal Conversion Center

What if we told you there are call centers that have the ability to turn signed contracts over to you, sometimes even on the first call?

Behold the legal conversion center, where the goal is to convert your callers into paying clients, every time.

Here are just a handful of the many benefits of hiring a legal conversion center for your busy law firm.

Key Benefits of a Legal Conversion Center

  • Cost reduction: Say goodbye to full-time admin wages and vacation entitlements, and spend less on office furniture and technology.
  • Flexible and customizable: You can customize the services to tailor to your law firm’s needs.
  • Calls are always answered: 24/7/365—you’ll never miss another case!
  • Industry knowledge: Experienced legal intake specialists are trained in legal technology and empathy. They make sure to answer your client’s questions professionally and correctly.
  • Branding for your law firm: Legal conversion centers give a professional front-of-house to your business.
  • The latest and greatest technology:  The service will likely be able to provide higher-level technology than you could afford for receptionists in your law firm.
  • Call time and frequency scheduling: Legal conversion centers have the tools necessary to call leads back on your behalf, depending on how often you want them to and what time of day.
  • Smart lead tracking: The service has advanced systems in place to recognize what stage your lead is in and instantly interface with the next available intake specialist.
  • Resurrection of dead leads: You can hand over your dead leads list and the service will import them into their system—then go to work making outbound calls.
  • Collect transparency reports:  The service can provide you with customized reports, so you can get the facts when you want them.
  • Feel secure: Know that the conversion center will take care of your leads and clients, as it should safely back up information on its own servers, rather than with a third party. The service should also be HIPAA compliant, and preferably U.S.-based.

Get Contracting with a Legal Conversion Center

Your growing legal practice keeps you busy. However, as a lawyer, you need more time to focus your attention on the work no one but you can do. It’s time to consider delegating the rest.

Missing important calls is risking the business of real, paying customers.

Legal conversion centers, like the award-winning Alert Communications, offer intake services and contract services for busy, expanding firms like yours. These services handle your calls 24/7/365 with professional, experienced legal intake specialists, so you don’t have to worry about missing another case.

Get in touch with Alert Communications today to learn more about the legal answering services we can offer.

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