I first heard of Dennis Snow and his amazing new book a few months ago. A colleague within my industry was hosting an audio interview with Mr. Snow. I previewed his book, “Unleashing Excellence: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service” and read his bio, both of which caught my interest. Dennis Snow spent twenty years developing his customer service principles at the Walt Disney Company in a variety of leadership roles. I decided that I should attend two reasons, one delivering excellent customer service is the key component in our company’s culture and two I’ve simply never been disappointed in my experience at either Disneyland or Disneyworld.

I’m glad that I did. Shortly after the interview, I purchased and began reading his book. I was so impressed that I purchased another 20 copies and distributed them to our management staff. We’ve been reading and discussing the principles and everyone is very excited. Last year we spent months designing our ‘Company Culture’ and this book offers a guide that is in complete alignment. We’re excited to see where this process will take us.

In these times the key to long term profitably and success is our ability to connect with our clients and deliver our services. If you want to make 2010 the year that you stand out from your competition then I highly recommend this book.