Call centers are devoted to handling a large volume of incoming calls, but inbound call center services include more then taking caller messages—they literally function as a customer service department and extension of your business.

Inbound call center services include gathering information for order processing, checking order status, and providing answers to any questions customers might have about offered services and products, and more. Also consider that it’s not just traditional order-placing businesses that benefit from inbound call center services—many other companies rely on inbound call center services to gather both specific and complex information from callers and potential customers in order to make sales and sell services. This article discusses how inbound call center services benefit businesses and companies across different industries.

Bankruptcy Counseling

When declaring bankruptcy, an individual must complete both a pre-filing and post-filing bankruptcy counseling session to receive their confirmation certificate. These services are often available online and accessible 24/7 as courses to be completed on a company website. Bankruptcy counseling companies also provide a number for questions that can be answered by an inbound call center service providers, who are available at all times to answer any bankruptcy related questions and provide general assistance. Inbound call center services for bankruptcy counseling businesses also record and collect all information as is appropriate so the necessary certifications can be filed on behalf of customers, making things easier for both parties—the business and the customer.

Emergency Related Businesses

Inbound call center services are crucial for emergency related businesses, specifically the food-service industry and restaurants. Call centers specialize in responding to customer calls and coordinating necessary repairs rapidly. When emergency calls reach an inbound call center service provider, agents follow instructions provided to reach an appropriate contact, then arrange for a repair time while coordinating with the customer and seeing the repair process through to completion. Technicians also benefit from these services—for the heating and air conditioning industry, callers report an emergency and inbound call center agents reassure that the problem is being addressed. Then, a technician is dispatched or a future appointment is booked. The same services are available for pest control, animal control, seasonal emergencies, and more.

Apartment Hunting and Online Businesses

Online businesses offering membership benefits to individuals also profit from inbound call center services. Apartment hunters, for example, pay monthly fees to receive information related to apartment hunting, as it becomes available. Online businesses providing these services include a toll-free number for visitors to call if they have questions or need assistance paying online or gaining membership—in many cases businesses accept payment over the phone. When inbound call center agents receive phone calls, they go beyond providing customer service, acquiring new leads, and sales closing, they also address caller questions and follow specific instructions as provided by you—callers are encouraged to sign up for services, become members, and agents work to finalize sales.

Inbound call center services are capable of covering a wide variety of business needs across many industries, and agents are able to customize services to accommodate a company’s specific requirements, information, and customer-service.

Designed to handle a high volume of calls professionally, inbound call center agents receive the training necessary to provide exceptional customer service, recover information quickly, and dispatch individuals as is appropriate, as well as capture new leads, close sales, provide helpful information, and follow any instructions or methods you recommend and provide. Inbound call center services work to fully understand your business, to provide that level of understanding and customer service to customers. Learn more about the kind of support your business needs to grow and how inbound call center services can increase potential client conversion rates, with professional call services and both customized and cost effective solutions.

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