What practices are your law firm or legal lead generation company following to capture qualified leads? More often than not, an in-house legal reception department simply does not have the hours or the hands to field every incoming call effectively.

In-house legal receptionists must also wear many hats – handling paperwork, setting up consultations, and sending follow up emails on the attorney’s behalf. Monitoring best practice initiatives for new lead call handling can fall below the radar.

In order to continue growth, allow a 24/7 legal receptionist service to capture qualified leads so your team can focus on current cases. Hire a service that specializes in the legal industry to handle the prospect phone calls in a way that produces the best results. Outsourcing to a legal receptionist service has many benefits, especially if the organization has experience with various practices of law.

When seeking a 24/7 legal receptionist service for your firm or lead generation company, make sure the following is considered for the handling of both web forms and telephone leads:

  • Response time – Consumers have access to and are shopping multiple firms. The firm that responds immediately and effectively is more likely to get the opportunity.
  • Intake data – The data collected will determine the quality of the lead, which determines the next step. Are you asking the right questions? Do you have next step protocols in place?
  • Trust and confidence – The quality of communication between the consumer and the intake specialist must instill confidence in your firm, if there is any hope of influencing the decision to discontinue shopping your competition.
  • Reporting – It’s important to collect and thoroughly analyze lead source data, lead conversion data, and call handling protocols to ensure every opportunity is maximized.

Attorney Answering Services Assist Business Growth

The most productive attorney answering services are the ones that have your best interest in mind. Choose an attorney answering service that is open to brainstorming ideas to make your firm more profitable. If they have experience with various practices, it is more likely that they will know effective strategies for continued success.