What goes on in a legal call center? What does it really look like inside? We’d like to take you on a tour through ours — virtually speaking.

Our 55,000 square foot call center demonstrates the advantages of outsourcing intake and corrects some misconceptions about the nature of legal call centers.

The Call Center

Here, you’ll find 300 personalized cubicles and natural light streaming through the windows, helping to boost moods and productivity.

Our intake specialists are not a drab, dark assembly line of people who answer the phone. Instead, our call center is filled with engaged employees who respond to legal clients with the utmost professionalism. They act as a true extension of your law firm, making sure your clients and potential clients feel taken care of.

The Training Room

Inside of this room, you’ll find one of the key differences that gives us our competitive advantage: the extensive training offered to our employees. Here, new trainees sit, eager to learn from our experienced trainers. Before being released into the call center, these trainees receive considerable education in several important areas, including:

  • Legal terminology: Our intake specialists are well-versed in legal and have the ability to comprehend the needs of each caller.
  • Empathy and psychology: Our intake specialists understand the importance of displaying empathy when dealing with potentially distressed and emotional callers.
  • Call control: Our intake specialists are skilled at controlling the direction of each call so they are able to collect all of the pertinent information needed for qualification in a timely manner.

The Administrative Center

In this space, the administrative team commences its daily operations. Here, dedicated HR personnel engage employees and perform operations that help keep up employee morale. They:

  • Dress up employees’ cubicles on their birthdays, which helps every employee know they are a recognized and valued member of the team.
  • Offer wellness classes, including informative courses that encourage health-conscious eating and lifestyle choices. This promotes a healthier and happier work environment.
  • Keep an eye on the office mood and elevate it when necessary. Every office has its tougher, more challenging periods. Our dedicated HR team works hard to lift the spirits of our employees and give credit where credit is due, whether it means bringing in pizza or hosting a potluck for the whole team to enjoy at the end of a tough work week.
  • Plan the staff’s Summer Barbecue and Winter Gala, where team members have the opportunity to socialize and enjoy time with their colleagues and families.

The Kitchen

Our kitchen isn’t an ordinary cafeteria filled with highly processed meals. Instead, staff are encouraged to bring and even prepare their own healthy meals. For staff who don’t bring food with them, both meals and snacks are sold on-site, with a focus on healthy options that provide the fuel to get through a long work day.

The room is filled with artwork and plants, making it the perfect place for employees to kick back and relax when needed.

Client Services

The client services area is dedicated to onboarding clients smoothly and effectively. Account managers within the client services area relay information from programmers to law firms and translate the law firm’s requests back to the programmer, ensuring nothing is lost in translation. We aim to create a high level of customer satisfaction and maintain excellence in all of our client interactions.

Once the development process is complete, we don’t stop there. Our client services team continually checks in with clients to ensure things are proceeding well. If there are problems, we make sure to address them quickly for maximum satisfaction.

The Alert Communications Difference

We strive to go above and beyond what people typically expect when they think of a “call center.” This is not an environment that cuts corners or seeks a high turnover. Instead, our office focuses on training and developing employees with the rigor that comes from being an Inc. 5000 company three years in a row. Our success comes from advancing experts in legal intake and giving them a comfortable, welcoming space to thrive in. We ensure that our employees have everything they need to help our law firm clients succeed.

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