There are many reasons businesses choose to outsource their daytime call answering needs. Chief among them is the need to reduce recruiting, hiring, and training costs for receptionist staff.

In fact, that’s why many businesses turn to a professional virtual receptionist service.

In this blog series, we’re exploring creating solutions that are customized around your specific business goals. In the last post, we reviewed the following goals and discussed, in detail, the second goal. Today, I’ll expand on Goal #3.

  1. Maximize every new client opportunity 24/7.
  2. Increase client loyalty and gain referrals.
  3. Reduce the cost of recruiting, hiring and training additional staff.
  4. Enable your staff to focus its time and attention on other core areas of your business.

Hiring a quality intake call center can save you money. 

  • Advertising, promotion and any fees paid to recruiters or others
  • Staff time to review resumes and schedule interviews
  • Staff time to interview and discuss candidates
  • The cost of lost productivity due to an unfilled position, training and on boarding time for the new employee

The first three cost areas referenced above are direct and fairly easy to measure, while the fourth can be challenging to measure, but definitely worth determining cost savings.

By using a intake call center during office hours, you can eliminate or reduce full-time staff, and generate substantial cost savings in the above-mentioned areas. While some may question whether a legal intake call center can truly deliver the same type of service to their callers as an in-house receptionist, we can say confidently that it can be done.

Calls answered by an intake specialist during office hours must be handled to a specific protocol so that client contact is seamless, produces positive feelings from the caller, and gives a professional impression. For example: the intake specialist must use language that gives the impression she’s in the office, recognize frequent callers, accurately follow instructions for each client’s needs, and manage calls so that each call is a maximized opportunity.

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