If you’re considering hiring an overseas call center to field, manage, and handle all incoming business calls, think again.

The Benefits of Using a Call Center in California 

Although you may be paying less to get that service taken care of on the other side of the globe, it may be wise to consider your options before outsourcing to a call center in India, China, the Philippines, or other foreign country. Choosing a call center in California or other native location is one way to ensure the person representing your law firm, small business, or company is well educated, skilled, and professional. Even if a foreign call center speaks the same language as callers, their quality of conversation may not be up to your standards—or the standards of potential clients. The quality of calls, ease of communication, and sometimes culture don’t always translate well overseas, and it’s hard to teach those aspects of customer service.

Call centers may be one seemingly cost effective method of handling calls, but consumer and client dissatisfaction is proving otherwise. Many major companies, including Dell have chosen to bring back their call center support back to the USA after numerous complaints. Unintelligible accents, misunderstandings, trouble conversing, and the quality of service contributed to poor customer retention and customer satisfaction. A bad call center experience can cause your customers to change companies, and result in lost business.

Hiring a local call center in California is one way to assure calls are received and managed professionally. Call Centers in California give your customers the impression that you genuinely care and are interested in their personal concerns– they feel “taken care” of. Investing in a local call center or call center in California is one way to demonstrate your attention to clients, customers, and all callers as call centers specialize in tailoring their services to law firms, medical facilities, and the needs of small businesses in very competitive business sectors. Local call centers in California can provide you with the edge you need to compensate for the higher costs of their services.

Providing superior customer service, securing new client leads, and working with a company that specializes in tailoring client handling and response are all benefits associated with local call centers. Don’t look at customer service as a business cost, but rather as a return on investment—a local call center in California can customize your small business and serve as a reliable support staff. Find out more about how a call center in California can help improve your customer retention and grow your business.

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