Firefighters at Risk from AFFF Exposure  

Firefighters put their lives at risk every day to protect our communities from harm. But one of the tools meant to keep them safe – firefighting foam – may be putting them in jeopardy. Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) contains toxic chemicals known as PFAS and studies now link AFFF exposure to increased prostate cancer risk.1 As evidence mounts, lawsuits are emerging across the country. 

Studies Link PFAS in Firefighting Foam to Prostate Cancer  

Thousands of current and former firefighters have filed lawsuits alleging that AFFF exposure caused them to develop prostate cancer. AFFF contains high levels of PFAS, which are known as “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down easily. Studies by the CDC, EPA, and others have found connections between PFAS exposure and prostate cancer. 

Veterans and Civilians Face Exposure Too  

Firefighters aren’t the only ones at risk. Veterans and civilians living near military bases where AFFF was used also face exposure. The US military used AFFF for decades in training exercises and to put out aircraft fires. This led to extensive groundwater contamination near bases. Residents who drank contaminated water now suffer from cancer and other illnesses. 

Mass Tort Litigation Creates Challenges for Firms  

These lawsuits create immense challenges for plaintiffs’ firms. Documentation must be meticulous to prove PFAS exposure caused a plaintiff’s cancer. Large caseloads mean firms need robust intake and document management systems.2 They need round-the-clock intake services and legal assistants to handle questionnaires. Experienced nurses can screen cases by analyzing medical records. Firms need trusted partners to provide lawsuit support services so they can focus on litigation. 

Alert Communications Provides Trusted Lawsuit Support  

That’s where Alert Communications comes in. For over 25 years, we’ve delivered 24/7 support services for mass tort litigation. Our experienced team can handle intakes, guide potential clients through detailed questionnaires, maintain document databases, schedule appointments, provide offshore legal assistants, and more. We help firms screen cases efficiently so they can take on more meritorious lawsuits. 

Contact Us for a Free Consultation 

If you’re handling AFFF litigation, let Alert Communications support your firm. Our customizable solutions scale to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help with your AFFF caseload. Our dedicated team is ready to take your intake to the next level. 



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