A law firm gains many benefits by working with a legal call center, such as being able to connect with new clients 24-7-365 and “closing the deal” with a prospect right away instead of leaving him or her to shop around. However, there are some misconceptions about working with a call center that can prevent law firms from taking the leap and establishing a partnership.

Let us explore some of these misconceptions and see if we can put them to rest, so you can move forward and enjoy the benefits – without all the worries.

Misconception #1 – All Call Centers Are Created Equal

At a glance, most call centers appear to be the same, offering the same level of service and delivering similar results. However, they often vary in many ways, which can have a large impact on the success of your firm. For example, some call centers work with a variety of companies in different industries. They’re jacks-of-all-trades, and most likely lack specialized knowledge in the legal industry that will truly benefit your clients. On the other hand, Alert Communications serves legal clients only. The call center representatives are well-trained in legal terminology and have the necessary expertise to do the job right.

Misconception #2 – Representatives Lack Proper Training

While many call center representatives are trained in basic skills like call handling and customer service, others receive continuous, specialized training to achieve the best results for your firm. At Alert Communications, for example, our representatives undergo a robust training process to gain the knowledge and skills needed to communicate with prospects on your behalf. This includes training in legal terminology, call control, active listening and empathy. It’s important to find a legal call center that will go the extra mile to train their representatives.

Misconception #3 – Legal Call Centers are not Effective at Capturing Leads

A good call center representative does more than just answer phone calls. They may also track and manage leads using a CRM, follow up with online leads, deliver contracts and retainer agreements, and other tasks to help you better capture and convert leads. You will feel like the call center is part of your team and helping you grow your business.

Misconception #4 – A Call Center Can’t Provide a Superior Client Experience

At the end of the day, it all comes down to providing a great experience for the client when they call your law firm. A call center can provide this, when it is prepared to do so. Alert Communications is dedicated to doing just that. Our representatives are skilled in creating a seamless experience by helping every caller feel more comfortable about their situation with skills learned through training, including empathy, call control and using legal terminology when necessary.

As you can see, many of the misconceptions you may have about call centers are just that – misconceptions. With all the benefits, it only makes sense to partner with a legal call center to help you grow your firm.