At Alert Communications, we share a common goal with legal marketing agencies, to help law firms maximize their marketing return on investment.

Law firms, like all companies, must generate numerous leads – and convert a substantial amount of those leads into clients – to experience sustainability and growth. Many firms rely on the assistance of legal marketing companies to raise awareness of their brand, promote their services, and acquire leads.

However, without the right tools, strategies and proper intake processes in place, this partnership isn’t as valuable and productive as it could be.

Law firms experience the best results from simultaneously working with a legal marketing agency and a legal call center. Legal marketing agencies help generate leads through creating a strong online presence for the firm, creating a user-friendly website, and so on. Legal call centers help capture the leads brought in by the agency by improving the firm’s client intake process. With the help of both services, law firms can set clear, measurable goals and track results to ensure they’re making the most of their investments.

Take a minute to watch this video to see how Alert Communications collaborates with legal marketing agencies, and how this partnership benefits all parties involved.

It’s a win-win-win! 


We’d like to share this helpful resource for legal marketing agencies. In this eBook, “Better Intake = Better Marketing ROI,” we provide a step-by-step guide that will help your marketing agency understand what is hurting your marketing ROI and how you can support your law firm clients in improving these numbers.