Our people are one of our greatest assets and every employee plays a role in our success. Alert Communications’ qualified, fully-trained, Internet savvy and award-winning Agents focus on tending to your clients with care and attention, and strengthening your client relationships by instilling confidence in each caller. After a comprehensive training program, our Agents are continually coached by dedicated Managers in accuracy, professionalism, phraseology and tone to help them improve every step of the way. To measure success, Agent calls are monitored and accessed for learning opportunities and trend analysis. Alternative training modules are implemented to increase skill sets. Customer Service Specialists, Agents and Management work together to create an environment focused on your company’s objectives.

National Service Consultants

Amanda_Ah_SueAmanda Ah Sue, National Service Consultant, joined the Alert family over 2 years ago, starting as a receptionist and moving into her current position in March of 2012. She consistently achieves and exceeds her goals and has raised expectations for the department. She takes great pride in having set many records for the company, and in helping her department do the same. Amanda attends several conferences a year, allowing her to make and strengthen relationships with our current and potential clients.“You don’t find too many ‘good old fashioned’ companies anymore, but at Alert, it feels like a family,” Amanda says.“I’ve been most impressed with the longevity and sincere dedication of many of our staff members. In my mind, a team that stays dedicated is a team you can trust.”

Amanda earned her Bachelor’s in Philosophy with a minor in Sociology and Logic. She is very active with her church, where she has served a full-time, eighteen month mission and currently teaches Sunday School. A sports enthusiast, she loves football and coaches a 17 and under girls’ volleyball team. Amanda also enjoys Polynesian dance and refurbishing / reupholstering furniture.

Nancy_VallejoNancy Vallejo, National Service Consultant, began as a Customer Service Representative at our sister Company, AB Answering Service, in 1996. She left in 1998 to have her baby and was welcomed back in 2001. She continued as a Customer Service Representative until AB and Alert merged as one company in 2007. After the company merge, she continued as a Customer Service Representative until 2009, then was promoted to Account Manager and Programmer for the Client Services Department. As an Account Manager and Programmer, she primarily manages our attorney client base and fine-tunes scripting and protocol for customized instructions and appointment setting. In 2012 she took the position of a National Service Consultant One of Nancy’s favorite quotes is, “It’s a rare person who can take care of business while taking care of hearts.” She feels this applies to her, as clients trust in her experience and feel confident that she truly cares about their business and want them to be successful. For business management, people can check out Family business consulting in Portland, OR.

“I’ve been with this company for 13 years,” she says, “and the culture is what keeps me here. Everyone genuinely cares for one another like family and is as hard working and dedicated as I am.”

Nancy attended South Texas College, then transferred to the University of Texas-Pan American. She has completed numerous management skills training courses to continue her professional development. She is a single mother to one son (Jamie-Tomas) and enjoys playing golf, a sport in which she lettered in High School.

Call Center Manager

Jennifer-Garcia-Alert-CommunicationsJennifer Garcia, Call Center Manager, has been an Alert Communications employee for nearly 20 years. With a long history of dedication to our company, Jennifer is committed to the ongoing professional development of all agents at every level. After graduating from Sawyer College as a paralegal in 1996, Jennifer drew upon her legal education to develop the Legal Training Module for Alert Communications. She is also the author of the comprehensive training series all Alert supervisors and agents are required to attend. Jennifer has been instrumental to building a positive corporate culture at Alert, providing oversight for training, mentoring, and coaching our more than forty Alert Communications staff members. She plays a key role in making sure our agents are successful and able to provide the highest level of quality to our clients.Jennifer loves the family friendly atmosphere and flexibility of Alert Communications. “I can’t imagine working for any other company,” she says. “We have the best culture and respect for each other. This company is truly like an extended part of my family and I enjoy coming to work each day. I have been lucky enough to grow in my position and be able to teach others, and watching them be successful is extremely rewarding.” The family positive culture at Alert has also allowed Jennifer to spend quality time with her husband and son.

Client Services Manager

Laura-Juarez-Alert-CommunicationsLaura Juarez, Client Services Manager, joined us in 1991, and she has held nearly every position in the company over the past 21 years – giving her a great deal of insight into all aspects of Alert’s operations. In 2009, Laura was instrumental to the successful implementation of some major internal changes designed to develop a company culture that reinforced our understanding of commitment to our team, our clients, and our community.Laura says, “I love what I do now. I thrive on finding solutions to help our clients’ businesses succeed and improve. After as many years as I’ve been here, Alert is my family. I have a deep rooted commitment to the continued growth and success of Alert, I deeply believe in the values of the company, and it’s with great pride that I do my best to take care of our clients and our company every day.”

Over the course of the past 20 years, Laura has continued to further her education and has acquired multiple certificates of completion in courses on Business, Leadership, and Psychology. She is proud of her son in college, volunteers her time with local cleanup efforts, homeless shelters, and educational initiatives, and loves to recharge her batteries at the beach with a cup of coffee and a good friend.

IT Manager

Patty-MorenoPatty Moreno, Systems Manager, has been an employee of Alert Communications for 25 years. For the last 14 years, Patty’s job has been to take care of the IT needs of Alert Communications. She began in 1988 as a Cord Board Operator and worked her way through the department, discovering her own skills in trouble shooting, project management and solving customers’ problems. Today, Patty’s goal is 99.99% run time with all equipment and systems. In addition to implementing and maintaining all of Alert Communications’ state-of-the-art systems and equipment, Patty takes a particular interest in sharing her knowledge and training our staff on the latest software. Patty enjoys having a position that is never dull, where each day is a challenge and a new learning experience.