While planning and pursuing you career in medicine, the non-medical aspects of the job and its responsibilities may have been overlooked. Caring for patients is the main focus, but what about administrative duties? You now know that patient care is not just during office hours, but a 24/7 service that people expect to be offered. A medical call center can assist you in offering the care your patients require.

Before choosing a medical call center, do the research to discover if it provides the exact patient care you need in your office. Consider a medical call center that answers emergency calls after business hours, and that can also manage appointment scheduling when these calls are taken.

Remember; whoever answers the calls, it is also their responsibility to preserve patient privacy and information security. Make sure to ask questions about the training and professional demeanor of call center agents. Are they HIPAA trained and certified? Has the medical call center received awards from industry organizations? Do agents understand privacy laws and the repercussions of not adhering to HIPAA regulations? At the end of the day, call center agents represent your business and you want to avoid all potential legal issues that could arise.

Costs remain an important issue when seeking an adequate medical call center. While an affordable call center is a great benefit, make sure these lower prices are not due to lower quality. Take a look at the bigger picture; a medical call center saves the time and cost of hiring additional in-house employees. However, sacrificing high quality patient care for a good deal will sell you and your patients short. Make an informed final decision for the best results.

If you are missing calls, stretching your staff thin, and not getting the right people answering your phones with the proper training, do not worry! Let Alert Communications handle all of these details so you can get back to focusing on helping your new clients. To get started, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 844-694-6825.