How mass tort attorneys can adopt a client-first approach to intake processes

Victims in mass tort cases can feel unheard and lost in the shuffle when they are one of many injured plaintiffs. It is imperative that your legal team proactively addresses client concerns and opens the door to communication. Streamlining intake processes and internal workflows are critical to maintaining a successful legal practice in the long term.

Since partnering with countless lawyers across the country, our receptionists and external researchers have identified ways that legal teams can streamline intake processes and maintain client loyalty.

Ways To Streamline Legal Client Intake

Here are four ways legal teams make the mass tort client intake process more convenient for clients and reduce setbacks.

Empower your clients with multiple ways to contact you

Creating a strong connection between your clients and your office starts before the initial contact. First, you want your clients to choose how to contact you. Empowering them with a choice on how to communicate with you can make them feel as if their time is valued. Clients often opt for law firms that are convenient to connect with and the legal team that is most available. Consider exploring online chat and SMS intake tools to expand accessibility.

Be available when clients try to reach you

It can be frustrating for clients when their attorney is unreachable or unresponsive. Making it easy for clients to contact you, along with maintaining consistently fast response times, can improve everyone’s experience. With mass tort cases, however, there are often more calls than legal teams can manage. Hiring a call answering service ensures each client speaks to a live person who can guide them through the intake process. In many instances, individuals ultimately will not necessarily hire the lawyer who provides the best service but responds the fastest. 1

Establish a file-sharing system between staff and clients

It can be time-consuming to retrieve and maintain records with complex case management. From medical documentation to contracts, improving document-sharing tools can simplify the process and minimize the required resources for all parties. A centralized location where clients and staff can upload documents can enhance transparency and communication. One of the points of failure within intake processes within law firms currently is diminished transparency. Establishing a user-friendly document hub can help staff stay organized, increase transparency and allow clients to collaborate.2

Embrace automation and standardization

Like many employers, attorneys will likely continue to need help in hiring qualified workers. As a result, many legal teams will operate on limited staff and budgets. While outsourcing tasks such as receptionist duties is one solution to stretching resources, embracing automation is another way to save your staff time. It is essential to closely examine your team’s existing workflows, tools and market demand to determine what can be automated. Clients desire fast service, so standardizing processes wherever possible is critical.

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