One of the biggest struggles companies have with their marketing strategies is determining the effectiveness of their campaigns to gauge performance.

How can you tell if the $10,000 marketing push you did last month is giving you a proper return on your investment?

Alert Communications doesn’t just offer Legal Intake Services. We also include customized tracking and reporting services, improving performance.

Determine if You are Converting Your Callers

When we send you your performance metrics, you’ll see your conversion rates. Our reports allow you to determine if the marketing campaigns you’re using are really attracting the callers you hoped they would. And you’ll be able to see if you’re converting callers into clients.

Armed with this information, you can adjust your marketing efforts if necessary, and we can work with you to adjust the script that our intake specialists use when taking your calls. 

Track Call Volume to Identify Performance Highs and Lows

Every industry has its seasons, and legal services are no different. In addition to seeing whether your marketing is bringing in more callers, our Legal Intake Services includes call tracking showing you your call volume over time. After a few months, a year, or whenever you deem appropriate, you can look back and see which times of the year were your busiest and which months could use an extra marketing push to bring in more leads.

Find Out When Your Clients are Most Active

If your law firm is considering hiring another paralegal or partner to take on some of the extra client workloads, call tracking can help you determine if you need to hire a new employee. Are you getting a lot of questions that require a legal professional? Call tracking can tell you if those calls are coming in during business hours and at what rate. Doing this lets you decide if adding another member to your in-house team is worth the expense.

Our Legal Intake Services can even screen and forward calls to the right personnel at your office to ensure the right people answer your clients’ questions.

The Sooner You Get Started with Call Tracking, the Better! Start Today!

When working with Alert Communications’ answering services you get automatic call tracking and monthly reporting from day one! Visit our contact form to get started now. The sooner our Legal Intake Services start, the sooner you can start generating valuable call tracking reports! Call us today at 844-694-6825.