There are a number of factors that come into play when creating a superior legal intake process. You need a fast response during first contact, trained specialists who are skilled at intake and dedicated follow-up to achieve the best results.

There are two additional elements of the intake process that can automate it and ensure that you properly nurture new leads, and even avoid losing them before they convert. Below we’ve explained the purpose of lead tracking and CRM integration to show you how important they are as part of your legal intake process.

The Value of Lead Tracking

Lead tracking may sound complex, but it is simply the act of tracking a lead from the moment of the first contact until conversion is achieved. For a law firm, it is nearly impossible to put a monetary value on lead tracking. A single lost lead could mean a huge loss of revenue and a significant hit to the return on investment (ROI) of a marketing campaign. Plus, that one lead could return to use your legal services again or refer you to a friend or loved one. By following each lead through the process, you can see where any stalls occur and take necessary measures to reengage that prospective client, as well as make adjustments to better retain leads in the future.

Advanced lead tracking incorporates specialized features to track and follow up with prospects – leading to increased conversions. Plus, it is possible to automate many aspects of lead tracking and take the pressure off you and your staff on a day-to-day basis. At Alert Communications, we offer a service called Smart Lead Tracking. With this service, we follow your leads through every step of the process and provide up-to-the-minute information to our trained intake specialists that can expertly take leads from initial contact to conversion on the first call. Plus, the tracking information is also accessible to you and your staff, which can be useful once the client has signed up for your services.

The Value of CRM Integration

Your CRM software is another valuable tool for getting the most from your marketing campaigns and supporting your intake staff. It should be used to store, track and analyze lead information. Inputting the minute details about every lead or client into the CRM is sometimes challenging for law firm staff. When you utilize Alert Communications for call services, we automatically import intake data into your CRM, allowing you to follow-up and communicate with leads throughout the process – giving you that true automated experience you desire.

With the daily pressures of running a legal firm, a seamless legal intake process is vital. Implementing smart lead tracking and CRM software can help to optimize the process – ensuring that every lead is accounted for and, ultimately, resulting in more client conversions and increased business and revenue.