In today’s hyper-competitive legal landscape, ensuring that you capitalize on every lead is a crucial component of your law firm’s overall success. Not just for incoming calls, but also web inquiries that come in via web form, chat, email and text.

Your on-site staff is already busy tackling critical projects, and it does not always make economic sense to hire full-time employees to field calls and web inquiries. So how do you ensure all lead channels are responded to in a timely and efficient manner? The answer is simple: partner with a legal intake center.

Legal intake centers leverage expert intake specialists and a wide range of customizations to provide the most value to law firms, especially when it comes to leads flowing in from multiple channels. Here is how legal intake centers specifically handle and convert web inquiries.

The Legal Intake Center Web Lead Process: The Call

Web form fill-outs should always lead to a call. The moment a potential client submits a web form on your website, they are demonstrating intention. They have a need, a reason and a motive to engage with your law firm, and they are expecting an instant response. Legal intake centers respond to web inquires by making outbound calls right away, or (at least) within the first 2-5 minutes the form was submitted for optimum conversion rates.

Following up on a web form lead may even go beyond the initial outbound call. Research shows that it takes an average of six call attempts to convert a lead. At the same time, fewer than 50% of companies call more than once. Reputable legal intake centers can make those attempts on your behalf. The amount of attempts they make is up to you.

It’s important to note there is a big difference between simply contacting a prospect and contacting them the right way. Since every law firm has unique goals, needs, services and branding, standardized call scripts can create friction in the intake process. A legal intake center uses those hyper-specific qualities to create customized intake experiences, which benefit your firm and your potential leads equally.

The Legal Intake Center Web Lead Process: The Impression

While contacting web leads via outbound call is the first step, qualifying and converting prospects requires the engagement of trained legal intake specialists. Without proper empathy, psychology and call control skills, as well as a solid understanding of legal terminology and the processes of the specific firm they are performing intake for, your leads could slip through the cracks.

In fact, 33% of people who abandoned a brand last year did so because they did not feel that the communication was personalized to them — they felt like they were getting a script. 72% of consumers expect call agents to know “who they are,” and 89% of people will disengage from a brand if they feel like these personalization requirements are not being met.

Intake specialists have the ability to communicate with individuals experiencing unique and potentially emotional situations. They know how to tailor every call to the person on the other end of the line. They can expertly drive each conversation to collect the necessary information and also forge meaningful relationships in the process, making the impression that they are sitting right in your office.

The Legal Intake Center Web Lead Process: The SQL

Once leads have gone through the e-signing process, intake specialists will pass the lead on to the law firm as an SQL (or “Sales Qualified Lead”). This process can be completed via voicemail, text, email, or warm transfer, depending upon the flexibility of the legal intake center you choose.

With a customizable legal intake center, call transfer workflows are personalized to the firm. For instance, your firm may want the intake specialist to stay on the call when the lead first engages the law firm. Additionally, after conversion, you can send a personalized “welcome” message using your domain name, letterhead and branding elements.

The legal intake center should also have the ability to integrate with your firm’s CRM/CMS to push data directly into your database system. Without this capability, siloing data could create unfortunate headaches that lead to rapid revenue leakage. What did the lead discuss with the legal intake center? How many calls did it take to reach them? What kind of client are they? What financial issues or personal injuries occurred? This is vital information your law firm will need in order to communicate with each lead effectively. A quality legal intake center can provide this insight.

How to Leverage Legal Intake Specialists to Build Quality Leads

Legal intake centers are invaluable for time-crunched law firms looking to respond to valuable leads. Traditionally, web forms can be a headache for firms — since they require immediate, outbound-call action. Fortunately, legal intake specialists can quickly respond to web inquiries and discover valuable leads in the process.

Personalized intake solutions offer better value-per-lead, and they position your law firm brand as responsible, empathetic and professional. Given that Walker predicts brand will overtake price, product and service by the end of 2020, first impressions can be the difference between growing and shrinking.