As with most areas of law, leads are the driving force behind a firm’s success in mass tort law. However, attorneys typically spend what can amount to a small fortune on generating mass tort leads, as one lead could result in a large case (and high revenue) for a law firm. Whether you’re advertising on TV, radio or online, mass tort marketing costs can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the stage of litigation.

For this reason, it is vital to capture each and every lead possible. A superior lead intake process is not just a “good thing to have,” it is a must if you hope to capture and convert every new lead, maximize revenue and achieve a maximum ROI. Below are a few ways you can make this happen.

Hire Trained, Bilingual Intake Specialists

With mass tort marketing campaigns, you’re aiming to speak to the masses. Today, there is a huge market segment that may not speak English as a first language. By investing in bilingual intake specialists, you are assured that you can communicate with this significant sector of potential clients and you’ll be more likely to close the deal with them, too.

Add Overflow and After-Hours Support

When you have a new mass tort campaign, there can be an influx of incoming calls and inquiries. It might be a challenge for your current staff to answer and respond to every incoming lead while still handling other tasks. Plus, what happens when someone calls after hours? Adding overflow and after hours support will alleviate the pressure and let your staff do what they do best. Win cases!

Ensure 24/7 Phone Coverage

Mass tort leads can come in at any time, day or night. Your marketing campaigns are working nonstop to bring in new leads, including on the weekends and on holidays, so you should have support for when potential clients decide to call. If a lead reaches an answering machine or a dead line, they may decide to call another law firm – and this could be a serious loss for your firm. Investing in 24/7/365 phone coverage is a small price to pay when just one captured lead can justify the investment.

Get Contracts Signed on Initial Call

When you can get a contract signed on first contact, you can ensure client conversion and prevent prospects from contacting other firms. Provide multiple methods for contract delivery, including email, text or FedEx delivery, and allow clients to safely e-sign documents to have an immediate contract in place and stop the shopping.

Optimizing your intake for mass tort is the key to capturing leads and achieving your law firm goals. The reality is, mass tort law firms can often use a little help to achieve 100% conversion. A legal services call center, like Alert Communications, is often a superior solution. We can execute all of the strategies above and utilize additional techniques to help you capture every incoming mass tort lead, and in turn, increase business, revenue, and ROI.

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