Teaming with a legal intake partner is instrumental in ensuring your law firm’s success. There are specific strategies your partner should use to not only capture a large number of leads, but enhance the client experience in a space where expectations are high. An effective legal intake partner should provide around-the-clock live voice support, seamless intake processes, a diverse support system, and most of all, convenience for your current and prospective clients.

These are good indicators that your legal intake partner is successfully working for you:

1. Capturing a Large Number of Leads

Legal leads are the driving force behind your law firm success, and your legal intake partner should help you capture a large percentage of incoming leads. Your partner should be aiming for a 99% lead capture benchmark by using a variety of methods, including customized scripts, 24/7/365 support and trained intake specialists.

2. Leads are Converting at High Rates

This is another indicator that your legal intake partner is getting the job done. Once leads are captured, your partner should have strategies and tools in place to increase the rate of client conversion. This includes using smart lead tracking to properly manage leads and technology like e-sign to make sure the process is easy and seamless.

3. Increased Revenue

If your legal intake partner is securing and converting more leads, that should translate to more revenue for your law firm. Higher revenue is a key goal for many firms, and your partner should be committed to capture and convert as many leads as possible to help you achieve that goal.

4. Higher ROI

After launching a marketing campaign, you can expect to receive an influx of incoming calls and inquiries. To see a good return on your marketing investment, you must secure most of the leads and sign them on as clients. An effective legal partner will optimize your processes to make sure every lead is captured and converted while maximizing your marketing dollars.

5. Access to Reporting

When measuring output and performance, data is key. Your legal intake partner should be able to quickly provide key metrics that help determine what is and isn’t working for your law firm. These include total incoming leads; lead capture rate; conversion rate; average cost per lead; and marketing ROI. These metrics are the most critical in running an efficient and effective firm.

Tracking this data is key in allotting marketing dollars toward the right campaigns, and making sure the firm is doing everything it can to provide a quality intake experience. At Alert Communications, we offer a signature transparency reporting model that tracks the metrics that are key to your success. A legal intake partner that concentrates on and delivers these metrics can help you make informed marketing decisions now and in the future.

Making the investment to bring on a legal intake partner is beneficial for your law firm. From the beginning, your partner should be able to assess your needs, plan a strategy and implement it for success. Through this partnership, you should receive the support, guidance and tools you need to not only bring in more clients, but also increase revenue and improve ROI. Look for these signs to determine if your legal intake partner is working on your behalf to grow your business.