Buying workers’ compensation leads may seem like an easy way to jump-start your marketing strategy. However, eventually, it may cost you more than the alternatives, such as paid search advertising.

It can be tough, if not impossible, to tell whether leads offered for sale are worthwhile. While you are paying a hefty amount for a list of prospects, you never know how many of them are client material. The conversion rate can be drastically low, making the investment inefficient.

Quality lead generation companies acquire workers’ comp leads through paid search, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and retargeting. Here’s how.

Cutting out the Middleman

Paying a lead generation company to provide you with leads means incurring extra expenses. Employing efficient marketing strategies on your own can help you cut out the intermediary while lowering marketing costs.

When it comes to workers’ comp leads, SEO doesn’t always work best. While it’s a necessary marketing tactic, in this niche, it struggles against highly competitive keywords. You may need to hire an SEO agency to come up with a top-notch strategy that beats the competition and in such cases, see Freshlinks website to get the best professional help.

Meanwhile, retargeting can be a highly efficient approach to generating workers’ comp leads.

Retargeting as a Workers’ Comp Lead-Generating Tactic

Paid search ads coupled with a clear retargeting strategy can be an excellent approach to workers’ comp lead generation.

Only about 5% of visitors convert after arriving at the landing page for the first time. However, even after these people leave, they have a much higher conversion potential than those who never came in the first place.

Retargeting involves following these first-time visitors through different channels and placing your brand in front of them continuously. You can repeatedly expose prospects to your landing pages to educate them and establish your firm as an industry leader.

While you are paying for ads and working out retargeting strategies, don’t forget about landing pages. To offer high conversion potential, these pages should carry educational value. You may want to consider adding videos alongside textual content. Using video on the landing page can increase the conversion rate by as much as 86%.

You can use two types of retargeting ads:

  • Paid Search Ads — Google Ads allows you to adjust your PPC (pay-per-click) marketing campaign by creating remarketing lists of clients who already visited your website. You can tailor the bids and adapt the keyword-using strategy for each list separately.
  • Display Ads — These ads appear on websites that visitors go to after leaving your landing page. They can take a form of banners, show up in social media feed, or make their way into emails.

The difference between the two approaches is paid ad retargeting only follows individuals who are doing research. Meanwhile, display ads follow them virtually everywhere. When used together, these retargeting methods can improve your lead generation methods tremendously.

Landing pages for retargeting prospects that contain free consultation offers can boost the lead generation effort further.

Qualifying Leads

These tactics will increase the number of calls and web leads to your firm substantially. Without a pre-qualification approach, it may overwhelm your staff. You could be spending too much time on unqualified leads while real prospects fall through the cracks.

To take full advantage of retargeting strategy, you must have an intake system in place to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve top-notch intake is to partner with a legal call center staffed with expertly trained legal intake specialists. It requires special training and experience to recognize qualified leads and turn them into clients.


The best way to acquire workers’ compensation leads is to follow legitimate lead generation tactics. Purchasing leads can be an expensive time-waster.

More economically sound lead generating tactics involve creating valuable and educational landing pages to retarget prospects who come through paid search ads. By also offering a free consultation on these landing pages, you can improve your lead generation effort. However, it will only work if you can handle the influx of calls that follow.

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