In these uncertain and stressful economic times, law firms are seeking better ways to improve their lead conversion rates to enlarge their client base without spending more on marketing. You may wonder if there are more efficient methods to quickly convert leads into clients.

Legal call center intake specialists hold the key to increasing the number of leads that convert into clients. They have the ability to convert a phone contact into a client with an e-signed retainer in a single call.

The following will go over the steps expert intake specialists take to convert new leads without breaking contact.

Step One: Create An Intake Screening Script

The questions that comprise an intake screening script depend on what information the firm needs to know about the potential case and client.

For example, to determine whether a lead’s potential cause of action is within the appropriate statute of limitations, the intake screening script may require that the specialist ask questions about when an incident occurred. The firm may also want to know what kind of injuries were sustained and if there were witnesses to the injury.

If injuries are product-related, and potentially involve mass tort litigation, the firm will want to include questions regarding the product’s condition upon purchase, whether the person followed product directions, and how long the person used the product.

The intake script will also include questions geared to extract general contact information the firm needs from a potential client.

Step Two: Creating The Rebuttal Script

Sometimes potential clients will have concerns and rebuttals.

For example, they could resist the law firm’s quoted percentage fee from the award; they may want to know why they have to give the lawyer 40% of their damage award. Or, alternatively, they might have questions about when they will receive their money.

The rebuttal script, provided by the law firm, should include an exhaustive list of rebuttal questions and the appropriate recommended answers. The rebuttal script is designed to provide the legal intake specialist with the responses that will quieten down any questions a nervous prospect may raise. Skillfully crafted screening and rebuttal scripts leave little to no improvisation required by the intake specialist.

Step Three: Making The Script’s Ending Air-tight

The end of the intake script is vital.

If the intake specialist finds that the lead is qualified – in accordance with the intake script protocol – they will keep the prospective client on the phone.

On the same call, the intake specialist will email the prospective client for signature on all the appropriate forms required by the firm.

Additionally, the intake specialist will be ready to make a warm transfer to the law firm – if requested – so the attorney can immediately connect with qualified leads.

Final Thoughts

Converting on initial contact provides potential new clients with clear next steps and stops them from shopping for other law firms for legal help. Legal call centers can convert leads for law firms around the clock, ensuring no potential clients are lost to competition – on the very first call.

To learn more about converting leads into clients, we invite you to download the eBook: How to Convert More of Your Personal Injury/Mass Tort Leads into Clients with Superior Intake Services.