How many of the calls to your law firm yesterday were actually important or business-driving conversations?

Some might be solicitors. Some might be people looking for a lawyer but who don’t fit your bill of an ‘ideal client.’ Out of the dozens of calls law firms get every week, only a handful may be of any consequence. And many of those may not require urgent attention.Rather than waste time taking and vetting all of these calls, a simple bit of pre-screening can cut your phone time down tremendously. This leaves you time to get your work done and only take the calls that need attention or will bring more cases to your firm.

How Pre-screening Your Law Firm’s Phone Calls Works

An intake call center will answer your law firm’s line with your designated branding and greeting. Alert Communications can work with you to create it. The person answering the call will then assess the caller’s intent and needs and determine if it’s an urgent call or a viable lead.

By providing the criteria you look for in a good lead, you can have us begin the consultation process by gathering the basic details of the case. If the person answering the phone finds the case fits your firm’s profile, she’ll patch the call through to your office, give you the message, schedule an appointment, or perform other lead intake actions that we can discuss with you.

You Dictate What Happens to Every Type of Caller

When you work with an intake call center, you have as much input as you’d like regarding what happens to certain types of callers. When potential clients call in with a weak or inappropriate case, you can set a script for how the intake call center handles the call and/or directs them to appropriate resources. And if a good lead presents itself, we’ll perform whatever action we discuss with you to make sure it gets to the right person at your firm.

This saves you time and can save your staff time. It can even cut down on your firm’s expenses if you use our virtual receptionist services rather than hiring a receptionist yourself.

Alert Communications makes sure only the most important, beneficial calls get through to your desk. When you’re ready to learn more, or jump right in, give us a call at 844-694-6825 or reach out to us via our contact page.