There’s a long list of reasons why hiring a legal intake partner is a great investment for any law firm. This week, we’ll talk about a big one: client satisfaction.

Here’s why a legal intake partner promotes greater client satisfaction for your firm.

Convenience Is Key

In a customer service driven world, access to information and support whenever a potential client needs it is expected. People want convenience.

If the service you provide is convenient, quick, and always gets the job done, your legal customers will be satisfied.

This means your potential clients and clients should be able to get a hold of you during your lunch break, in the middle of the night, on holidays—for all intents and purposes, whenever they want.

A legal intake partner can help you provide this kind of convenient service for your clients.

Seamless Intake Process & Contract Services = Instant Gratification

With a seamless intake process and the addition of contract services, you will ensure that your potential customers become paying customers.

They will be happy, too, since they will feel like you have taken care of their needs right away.

A consistent and effective system will also alleviate some of the stress that comes along with reaching out to a law firm, and it will promote trust in your quality of services.

Overall, with a smooth intake system and contract services in place, client satisfaction will go up. And so will your earnings.

A legal intake partner can help you make it happen.

Consumers Want Live Voice Support

Free your firm from relying on voicemail—your potential clients and clients want live voice support!

They want to know it’s an actual person, not an automated one, on the other end of the line to communicate with about their possibly traumatic situation.

They want to be listened to, empathized with and supported, regardless of time of day or night.

However, these days, consumers almost expect to hear an automated voice when they reach out to businesses. They might be surprised to reach a live person, and this could vastly set your firm apart from the competition.

Client satisfaction starts with a real, human voice. Simple and genuine human kindness can go a long way with your legal customers, and a legal intake partner can help provide it.

Multilingual Support

Providing support for Spanish-speakers is incredibly important, as well, since just over 37 million people in the U.S. speak Spanish in their homes.

Law firms cannot ignore this huge window of potential clients.

Ensure greater client satisfaction for this Spanish-speaking population by making sure their messages are properly understood, answered, transcribed and translated each time they call your firm.

If your firm is not equipped to handle calls from Spanish-speakers, a legal intake partner can help. Most services offer multilingual support for no extra cost.

Above and Beyond Answering Calls

On top of answering calls, much more can be done to boost client satisfaction. Legal intake partners provide diverse support and services on behalf of law firms, such as:

  • Text and Email Lead Responses
  • Web Form Responses
  • Outbound Calling
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Contract Services

Text, email, and web form lead responses boost client satisfaction by providing a diverse array of options for clients to communicate with your firm, aside from a traditional phone call.

Today, a lot of people prefer these digital methods of client communications over calling. In fact, a legal trends report suggests that millennial clients are looking for your firm to engage in text and email communications rather than by phone or face-to-face.

Services such as outbound calling, appointment scheduling, and contract services also help satisfy clients and potential clients by making it clear that your firm will take care of their needs promptly and effectively.

For instance, imagine an injured person submits a web form to your firm. If your legal intake partner makes an outbound call on your behalf no less than five minutes later, the client will think of your firm as attentive and more than ready to care for their needs.

Even better, if they are able to sign a contract right away, they will feel like they’ve taken a step in the right direction of getting their problems resolved.

Alert Can Help Boost Client Satisfaction

Alert Communications supplies all of the tools you need (and more) to make sure your clients are satisfied after each and every call.

Our intake specialists provide live voice support, in English or Spanish, and are able to respond to leads whether they come in by phone, text, email, or web form. Our seamless intake process and contract services will help boost satisfaction among your clients, all while capturing more leads for your law firm.

Learn more about our services at or call 844-694-6825.