Increase your credibility without increasing your staff when you employ a Legal Intake Call Center to field your law firm’s phone calls.

Even if you only have a few dedicated employees in your office, an off-site Legal Intake Call Center can feel like an extension of your workforce and serve as extra support to your clients and make you look more professional.

Does your law firm commit any of these customer service sins?

  • Your phone rings on and on without being answered before the caller finally hangs up.
  • Your secretary is already on one line and there’s no one else to catch that flashing “Line 2” light.
  • The “Voicemail” light has been blinking for days but no one has the time (or knows how) to retrieve the messages.
  • Your clients have your call-waiting music memorized because they rarely, if ever, get a live person when they call your office.

You think these situations sound bad? Think of how awful they are when a law firm commits them in real life.

Missed Calls = Missed Leads = Not Professional

When a potential client calls your law firm for help, they usually have an urgent need for help, whether they are trying to set up a consultation with you or convey an important issue about their case. Hearing an answering machine or endless on-hold music can cause a potential client to turn away or might frustrate an existing client.

When clients are coming to your law firm for the first time, they’re expecting top-quality service and an immediate response. That expectation doesn’t go away once they hire you. Making them wait for a response, instead of hiring inbound call center solutions, lowers your chances of capturing a lead or giving way to dissatisfaction with your service.

If a new client is patient enough to leave a message, chances are they have already gone to the next law firm on their list.

Let Our Answering Services Be the Voice of Your Law Firm

You might think Legal Intake Call Centers aren’t cheap, right? Wrong. In reality, Legal Intake Call Centers are an amazing cost-effective alternative to hiring more phone operators or losing all those potential leads. The money you save on staffing and the money you gain through captured leads outweigh the cost of this prized service.

Stop turning away clients you never even knew you had by letting your phones go unanswered. Alert Communications has the Legal Intake services that professional law firms across the U.S. use to capture leads that would have otherwise gone to your competition.   When you’re ready to learn more, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 844-694-6825.