With communications constantly evolving, it’s no wonder voicemail is going the way of the dinosaurs. Using whatever means necessary to communicate with clients is always a number one priority for any law firm.

Do you call? Text? Email? There are a variety of ways to communicate. But which one is best? And how can you use this to your advantage to save money for your law firm?

Why You Need to Ditch Voicemail

Calling is still known to be the best method of communication because you get an instant connection and are able to answer any needs for your clients in a timely fashion. But what if your law firm doesn’t answer the phone? Do you have voicemail that answers the calls? It’s probably best to avoid that if at all possible. According to Vonage, an Internet phone company, the number of voice-mail messages left on user accounts is dwindling. Another big stat they have provided is that people who actually check voicemail are also falling to the wayside.

Voicemail wasn’t always so cumbersome. Back in the day, it was referred to as leaving a message on an answering machine. Answering machines were highly popular back in the 70s and through the 90s. According to a New York Times article, two out of every five households had answering machines! AT&T has stated that during this time period, households received an average of 2.5 voicemail messages per day. Answering machines/voicemail was very much a “modern convenience.” Now a days, you barely get any voicemails for the week!

With texting, chat apps and email communication growing stronger and more efficient each year, more people are no longer bothered with leaving or listening to voicemails. It has become a burden, a chore even. Why take the extra step to listen to a voicemail and wait for them to finish what it is they are saying when you can just call them back or text them asking what they need?

Most phones, or phone services, have some sort of auto translate feature where the voicemail is sent via text or email to the person letting them know what the voicemail is saying. For most, it’s a quicker way to know what’s going on instead of listening to someone talk. Most people prefer a quick text over a voicemail as means of identification. The younger generation is more prone to newer technology and not some ancient one such as voicemail.

Start Saving

So if your law firm is having issues contacting clients, or even potential clients, using the voicemail method is no longer the best way to communicate in this day and age. You can leave a message if you call, but maybe follow up with a text or email right after the phone call so they know who you are if they do not have the auto-translate feature that most phones or phone companies offer. Some people might just prefer this method of contact instead of talking over the phone. In the end, you will save time and money going this new technological route instead of sticking with out-dated methods.

Let Alert Communications Help

Alert Communications is another great alternative to voicemail. Every time your law firm misses a call, that is one potential client lost because they are most likely moving down their Google list of nearby law firms trying to reach someone who will answer. Don’t rely on voicemail and start using Alert Communications to handle all of your virtual receptionist needs. Call us at 844-694-6828 or fill out our contact form.