Your potential clients want instant answers, support, and a guarantee that you will solve their legal problems. With an answering service for lawyers working after-hours on your firm’s behalf, you’re covered around the clock.

Your firm can respond to these incoming questions without you even having to be in the office, and your potential clients and current clients will feel taken care of in their time of need.

Read on for benefits of partnering with an after-hours legal call center.

Timely Call Answering Boosts Conversions

If your law firm consistently answers the phone in a timely manner (preferably in three rings or less), no matter the time of day or night, it will show that you are dedicated to taking care of your potential clients.

With an after-hours legal call center handling your incoming calls, they will reach a helpful person, instead of a cold voicemail dead end, even if they call in the middle of the night.

This kind of customer service and commitment will be appreciated by your potential clients who are most likely in a time of turmoil, cultivating relationships that are much more likely to turn into conversions down the road (or maybe even on the initial call).

Qualify Leads While You Sleep

An after-hours call center will not only pick up the phone for you, but it will also qualify leads on your behalf.

Picture this: It’s Monday morning, and you just arrived at the office. Off the bat, there are already a handful of qualified leads ready for you to review with all the information you could possibly need already pushed into your CRM/CMS database system. You didn’t have to lift a finger, and you didn’t have to pay a staff member to be on-call overnight.

You were sound asleep, but you know that these leads were qualified thoroughly with your firm’s own customized call scripts and intake forms. You are also confident that it was done with the utmost professionalism because that’s what you can expect from a quality legal call center, regardless of the time.

Appointment Scheduling Stops the Shopping Process

To take it a step further, and after qualifying the lead, a superior legal call center can schedule appointments for you. This includes after you close up shop for the day.

Getting your potential clients to set an appointment makes them much less likely to continue their search. After speaking to your firm and knowing they have an appointment to discuss their issue further with you, the legal expert, they will feel satisfied.

This should especially be the case during after-hours. Think about how many people call law firms after the normal business hours of nine to five. It often happens, since accidents are unpredictable and can occur at any time. These potential clients are sent straight to voicemail, and, to be fair, this is probably expected by the caller.

But imagine how they would feel if, instead, a real person was on the other end of the line, representing your law firm and there to be of assistance. This kind of customer service would set your firm apart from the rest.

Otherwise, if they are forced to leave a voicemail, it’s likely that they will call multiple law firms, leave voicemails for each, and ultimately choose the firm that calls them back first thing in the morning.

Capture them before this happens. Stop the shopping by greeting them with a warm and friendly human representative instead of an answering machine. Then, take it a step further by setting an appointment. When they wake up in the morning, your potential new client will feel confident knowing they have clear next steps lined out for them in the process of solving their legal issue.

Be There for Your Clients Around the Clock

As an experienced attorney, you understand accidents can happen at any time—and that includes after-hours. All of the services above are effective during the day. Applied when your law firm shuts its doors for the night, you could capture more leads than ever before!

If you want to grow your firm exponentially and boost your conversion rates, consider partnering with an after-hours legal answering service. With the service acting as an extension of your firm, your potential clients and current clients will be at ease knowing you are there for them 24/7/365.