Properly arranged intake is the key to a law firm’s profitability. Unfortunately, not all firms have the opportunity to streamline the in-house intake process. As a result, high-paying leads fall through the cracks while lawyers lose precious time dealing with low-potential prospects.

Investing in a 24/7 legal answering service can help you achieve quality legal intake while saving your team time. Below are 15 reasons why a legal answering service is worth your investment.

1. Avoid Call Overflow

Dealing with a large influx of calls at one time can be overwhelming when only one or two people are managing intake in-house. Calls can be easily missed.

A 24/7 legal answering service employs numerous intake specialists to respond to every lead in a timely manner, no calls slipping through the cracks.

2. Cover Nights & Weekends

Rerouting potential clients to voicemail after business hours and on weekends can lead to substantial lead loss. Without a timely reply, the majority of prospects hang up and move on to another law firm for legal assistance.

Best-in-class legal answering services work around-the-clock to ensure all leads are properly captured and nurtured.

3. Disaster/Emergency Response

When natural disaster strikes in your area, your legal team may not be available to take calls. Meanwhile, the number of clients who need legal advice may increase.

A 24/7 answering service can cover your intake during natural disasters and emergencies so all potential clients can receive the necessary assistance in a timely manner.

4. Stop the Shopping Process

Legal clients usually expect a fast response to their inquiries. If they don’t get a reply within several rings, they may continue shopping around for another law firm.

A 24/7 legal intake center can stop the shopping process by providing an immediate response to each caller and guiding them to e-signing a retainer contract.

5. Bilingual Support

With the Spanish-speaking population growing rapidly in the United States, some legal leads may not speak English well enough to explain their needs. The language barrier could cause misunderstandings.

By investing in a bilingual lawyer answering service, you ensure Spanish-speaking leads can be taken care of.

6. Retrieve Abandoned Calls

Legal leads may abandon calls for various reasons, from spotty service to anxiety and distractions. To make sure these people get the help they need, it’s imperative to call back.

A top-notch legal answering service uses the latest caller ID technology to retrieve abandoned calls immediately.

7. Customized Intake

Prospects with different legal situations have different needs; intake is not one-size-fits-all.

That’s why, to streamline the intake process, a legal answering service customizes intake scripting according to the practice, case type, or campaign at hand.

8. Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is an integral part of the intake process. Before your prospects hang up on that initial call, you need to schedule a follow-up appointment so they are aware of the next steps with your firm.

Intake specialists can schedule appointments on your behalf. They can use text, email and/or phone calls to send appointment reminders to prospects, as well as utilize calendar integrations to automatically add appointments to your calendar.

9. Automatic Web Lead Response

Legal clients expect quick responses to their web form inquiries. Making them wait for hours could cause them to lose faith in your firm and reinitiate the shopping process.

A legal answering service can set up an automatic web form response and then call leads back with multiple follow-up attempts. This takes place within 3-5 minutes of receiving the web submission.

10. Lead Tracking and Tasking

If a lead doesn’t convert during the first call, your legal team may not have time to keep targeting it. A 24/7 legal answering service maximizes opportunities for conversion by outbound calling, texting, and emailing leads. You pick the times and frequency.

11. Lead Lists

Working with old lead lists is time-consuming. However, old leads can have tons of conversion potential.

Legal intake specialists can take old or dead lead lists and contact them to check if they’re still interested in your services. While it’s a long process, it can result in several new clients.

12. Contact to Contract in One Call

Signing leads immediately is best for stopping the shopping process and increasing conversion rates. A legal answering service can guide the prospect from initial contact to signing a contract in just one call.

The intake specialist texts or emails the retainer during the call.

13. Reporting

Are you tapped in to your firm’s analytics? Understanding the information that is available to you is an essential piece to expanding your reach to potential new clients.

A legal answering service can provide your firm with several dozen types of call and marketing reports. You can use this information to create targeted and effective advertising campaigns in the future.

14. All Lead Types Accepted

A legal answering service works with all types of leads.

Whatever marketing efforts generate prospects, be it TV, social media, SEO or PPC, legal intake specialists know how to handle them.

15. Reach Positive ROI

If you calculate how much revenue you’re losing with lost leads, you can determine how well your marketing campaigns are performing.

By not allowing any of the leads to slip through the cracks, a 24/7 legal answering service can boost your marketing return on investment..

Choosing the Right 24/7 Legal Answering Service

Investing in a legal answering service is an excellent solution for law firms that want to improve their bottom line.

However, the majority of the above mentioned reasons only apply to best-in-class legal answering services. To determine whether a call center is best-in-class, download our free eBook, “Top 10 Questions Law Firms Ask When Hiring a Call Center.”

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