Meet Our Sales Team

Nancy Vallejo, Senior National Account Manager, has been with Alert Communications since 1996.

Professional Experience:

Nancy attended South Texas College and then transferred to the University of Texas – Pan American, where she developed most of her skills.  Nancy joined Alert Communications in 1996 as a Customer Service Representative. She was then promoted to an Account Manager and Programmer for Alert’s Client Services Department before making the natural move to the Sales Department. In May 2017 Nancy was promoted to Senior National Account Manager.  Having grown with Alert so much over the years, she can hardly wait to see how much more Alert will grow in the next few years!

Learn more about Nancy:

One of Nancy’s favorite quotes is, “It’s a rare person who can take care of business while taking care of hearts.” She feels this applies to her, as clients trust in her experience and feel confident that she truly cares about their business and wants them to be successful.

What you might find interesting about Nancy:

Nancy enjoys playing golf, a sport in which she lettered in in High School and loves to go hiking in her downtime with her son Jamie and their Bichon pup Sugarbaby.


To Contact Nancy Directly:

Phone: 805-655-7621


Bill Egan, National Account Manager, has been with Alert Communications since 2016.

Professional Experience

Bill graduated from Michigan State University with a Marketing degree with an emphasis in Personal Sales Management and has been in professional sales since 1991. Bill is passionate about sales and believes that it is a field that is constantly changing and there is always something new to learn. His clients and prospects teach him every day how to be a better rep.

Bill has been blessed to work as both an inside and outside sales rep with top companies such as Lanier Worldwide, ADP, and Citrix Online. It was during his experience with these companies that he learned the importance of building relationships based on a genuine curiosity and keen interest in his client’s businesses and developed the skills to manage his clients through the sales cycle where the end result was a long- lasting, mutually beneficial and strong partnership. Having sold in several different industries has given Bill the ability to work with a diverse buyer base and sharpened his sales skills immeasurably. His greatest asset is persistence and is very appreciative of how that exposure to several different kinds of buyers has led him to his current success.

Learn More About Bill

Bill loves to be creative and outside of work channels that creativity into several outlets. He has been a professional stage actor and director for over 25 years and has also done film work, including cartoon voiceovers. In 2012 Bill Co-Founded The Producing Unit, a Non-Profit Theater Company in Santa Barbara and currently serves on their board. In addition to his work as an actor/ director, Bill also currently owns and operates an event and wedding DJ company.

What You Might Find Interesting About Bill

Bill comes from a very large family with 9 siblings, and 26 nieces and nephews!


To Contact Bill Directly:

Phone: 805-477-2130


Frederic Cogburn, National Account Manager, has been with Alert Communications since 2016.

Professional Experience

Frederic has over 30 years of sales experience in a broad range of industries: health care, pharmaceutical, dental, medical equipment, professional education, and of course legal services.  He has worked for Blue Chip companies and 4-man start-ups.  He has sold to C-level, business-to-business, and direct to consumer.  Frederic is passionate about identifying his clients’ needs and finding the right solution for each one.  It’s a source of personal pride for him to be a trusted resource and problem solver.

Learn More About Frederic

Frederic grew up in Europe on a US Army base.  Frederic also went to school in France.  He lived more than half his life in Germany and France so of course he speaks fluent French and German.

What You Might Find Interesting About Frederic

He loves to volunteer through his community and his church.  His greatest accomplishment, his pride and joy, are his three children.  Frederic is looking forward to grand-fatherhood.  He can’t wait!


To Contact Frederic Directly:

Phone: 805-477-1852


Tyler Ostrander, National Account Manager, has been with Alert Communications since 2017.

Professional Experience:

Tyler perfected his operational skills in a production management capacity while being employed within the Universal Operations Group in the late 90’s. He was quickly sought after to be on the ‘Silver Screen’, while maintaining and developing independent slate financing and underwriting relationships on Wall Street with JP Morgan, HSBC, Met Life & AIG. Having consulted and overseen more than $1Billion in project financing while being represented by the largest talent agency, William Morris, Tyler recognized his unique ability to monetize talent and marketing campaigns with domestic and foreign distribution groups. He has become an expert in sales, distribution strategies, post-production and content delivery, with worldwide distribution affiliations that include USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, Europe, India, China and Pacific Rim territories.  Tyler brings an array of knowledge to his position at Alert Communications where he will be able to clearly advise and provide the sustainable business solutions from which law firms can be enriched upon.

Learn more about Tyler:

Tyler has always carried a “Go Get It, If You Want It” attitude, where he has always been the self-aspired leader of his own accomplishments.  He’s competed in sports ranging from football, basketball, baseball, swimming, track & field, golf, surfing and waterskiing.  Tyler also competed in academics like debate, stock market economics, chess and national honors.  Tyler continues to challenge himself and has dedicated the past 16 years by self-financing the development and proof of concept phasing of an economic business thesis, which he considers to be his life’s end goal.  He continues to materialize the model of a perpetual revenue backed security & commodities platform consisting solely of media content securities/assets within a new world ecosystem and currency, that enables endless jobs throughout all territories within the work spectrum of entertaining, creating and exhibiting media content via human creative skill sets.  There is nothing non-business about Tyler and according to him, “nothing is worthwhile unless its business & pleasure working together”.

What you might find interesting about Tyler:

In Tyler’s senior year in High School, he achieved the following Titles; Student Body President, Student Council President, Senior Class President, President of the National Honors Society, Drama Club President, & Prom King.  In Tyler’s senior year of High School, he also helped initiate and institute Advanced Placement Courses throughout the Roaring Fork & Aspen School Districts, which spanned 5 High Schools from Aspen down to Glenwood Springs.


To Contact Tyler Directly:

Phone: 805-477-1708


Joe Ortega, National Account Manager, has been with Alert Communications since 2017.

Professional Experience

Joe has worked in sales most of his adult life. Joe studied Economics while working part time as a finance director for Toyota Motor Corporation. Where some find working and going to school challenging, Joe found it exciting and motivating. After college, he went on to enjoy the fruits of his education and became a stock broker for Wells Fargo Private Client Services. After a short 12 year stint of helping folks financially, Joe moved into the fast and demanding world of medical equipment sales where his can-do and pleasant approach made him an exceptional and valued employee at Inogen Oxygen. Working in these different industries has made Joe a very talented and seasoned sales professional, which he feels are important assets to bring to Alert Communications.

Learn more about Joe

Joe’s therapy is all things outdoors. Joe has a brilliant passion for travel, fixing old classic cars, and nature.  In his free time, Joe likes traveling, playing golf, dirt bikes, and desert racing. Some could come to the conclusion that Joe is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, we just think he has a love of all things challenging. Joe believes that challenging himself keeps him sharp and his mind creative.

What you might find interesting about Joe

Joe has run 5 Spartan races and 3 Warrior Dashes, with no sign of slowing down. He has owned 23 cars since he first took the wheel of one at 16 years old! Joe has traveled the world and says his favorite part is the stunning and beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy. Joe has 10 nieces and nephews and claims he knows the names of all of them!


To Contact Joe Directly:

Phone: 805-477-1856


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