At Alert, we share a common goal with your legal marketing agency, to help law firms maximize their marketing return on investment (ROI). We achieve this by providing specialized legal intake solutions to help firms capture more leads and convert those leads into new cases. You can make the most of our shared interest in promoting legal marketing success by partnering with our team.

By partnering with Alert, you gain access to an array of services that you can extend to your clients. These services are designed to optimize your clients’ marketing programs. In return, your marketing agency can also experience increased growth and success.

  • First Steps

    As you look for ways to improve your clients’ marketing results, consider collaborating with our team at Alert. In most cases, we will begin this partnership with a three-way conversation between our team, your marketing team and the law firm.

    During this conversation, we will discuss the solutions that can improve lead response times and customer service quality for any marketing campaigns. The variety of services we offer aim to nurture the connections between your legal clients and their target customers. They can select between our different levels of service to find the ideal amount of support for their firm.

  • Improve Your Clients’ Conversion Rates

    While running a mass tort campaign, your main goal is to sign all qualified leads immediately once the intake process is complete. Alert does this by texting your contract and retainer for e-sign on the same call. If text is not an option, we can also email the contract and fee agreement for e-sign on the same call. Lastly, if text or email is not an option, we can FedEx your contract and retainer agreement. Alert can send medical and HIPAA forms for e-sign if needed since we are HIPAA compliant.With our support, you can give your clients access to helpful services to improve conversion rates across the board. We achieve this by capturing and nurturing leads from their first point of contact. This keeps them from shopping around and possibly becoming a client at a competing law firm.

    With trained intake specialists available 24/7/365, our team helps law firms capture more leads generated by your marketing agency. This includes responding to calls with live answer solutions within 15 seconds or less or fewer than three rings. We can also follow up with web and chat inquiries immediately with an outbound call, increasing the conversion rate by more than 30 percent.

    We employ a variety of services to increase chances of conversion, including lead tracking, CRM and CMS (case management system) integration, convenient retainer services and appointment scheduling. The goal? Deliver a superior client intake experience and sign all qualified leads on the initial call to increase conversions.

  • Increase Your Clients’ Marketing ROI

    Law firms invest a lot of money into marketing campaigns to generate new business. To achieve positive ROI, they must successfully convert qualified leads into clients and prevent them from shopping around to other firms. In fact, each new case can be worth up to $20,000 for personal injury claims and between $75,000 – $150,000 for mass torts.

    When combined with effective marketing, Alert’s expert intake and lead conversion solutions can lead to more clients and revenue for firms. Our lead loss rate is less than 3 percent, compared to the industry standard starting at 8 percent. With our dedicated intake services, firms have an opportunity to convert more leads into new cases, thus increasing their revenue and marketing ROI.

  • Retain More Agency Clients

    Your marketing agency will retain more legal clients as you work with us to greatly improve their lead capture and conversion rates. Higher retention rates will help improve your own marketing ROI and rapidly increase the growth of your business.

    Furthermore, with our industry-leading intake services, your ability to meet your clients’ needs will far exceed your competitors’. As you run each marketing campaign, we will ensure your clients have the best support to handle the influx of calls and to effectively turn leads into clients. Most agencies will simply run the campaigns and leave the lead nurturing to the law firms. As a result, your clients will struggle to find an agency that provides the same level of service, increasing their loyalty to your company.

  • Grow Your Client Base

    When partnered with Alert, your track record of proven results will quickly establish your agency as a leader in the industry – but you have to go one step further to show your results. You can highlight your success in this realm by creating case studies and presenting testimonials from past customers. And as an Alert partner, we have a variety of analytics reports at your disposal to ensure your case studies are detailed and accurate.

    As you highlight your success with existing legal clients, prospective clients will see how your marketing efforts and our lead nurturing services boosted each law firm’s success. This will drive them to your agency, as you begin to stand out from the competition.