How do you know what services you need from a legal call center?

Choosing between a specialized and general answering service? How do you know if it is cost effective to go with a niche service? While our team is always available to talk with you and help you further explore your options, we have created this document to help you quickly and easily compare services yourself.

It’s important to know how to best evaluate a legal call center before choosing one to represent your firm. When deciding on a partner to help with client intake, you’ll want to assess the quality of the service provided to both your firm and your potential clients. Best-in-class legal call centers with best-in-class intake specialists can help you capture, nurture and convert more leads, resulting in a higher return on your marketing investment.

Because not every call center has the same standards, use this guide to determine what services and aspects of having a legal intake partner you can’t live with out, and which ones you can compromise on. Here are some examples:

  • Are you looking for coverage 24/7/365, or do you only need intake assistance during business hours?
  • Are the services customizable, or do you have to stick to the call center’s intake scripts?
  • Is the call center legal-only, or do they deal with a variety of industries?
  • Is the company strictly based in the United States, or do they have call centers in other countries?

In our Service Comparison Checklist, we outline questions to review before hiring a call center. This free resource will better equip you to interview answering service companies and clearly think through what your business needs before starting that conversation.

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