Should You Consider Re-evaluating Your Client Intake Process?

Like most law firms, you’ve likely invested a small fortune in marketing campaigns to generate new leads and attract more clients. Although your marketing efforts have produced increased inquiries and contacts for your firm, the results may not be translating to increases in the bottom line. If your law firm is not hitting its revenue goals, you may need to reevaluate your client intake process.

Your client intake process has a significant impact on the amount of new leads you capture and convert. When you put the time and effort into creating superior intake, you can boost your annual revenue and maximize the return on investment from your marketing campaigns. Moreover, an effective intake system builds client confidence in your firm and discourages prospects from shopping around to other firms.

In this eBook, we go through the best practices in order to establish your superior intake process and maximize the success of your marketing efforts as well as convert more leads into paying clients.

While our team is always available to talk with you, we have created this informative guide as a resource to help you streamline your client intake process.

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