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Your law firm most likely spends lots of time and money on legal marketing efforts. Now it is time to invest in your first interaction between a potential client and your law firm. After all, first impressions can determine whether or not a potential client chooses to use your law firm’s services. If they are turned off by that first interaction, chances are they won’t use your services and decide to go somewhere else – likely your competitor. This means you will have effectively marketed for your competition and wasted hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on lost leads.

To avoid this, having protocols for your employees’ phone etiquette and delivery of intake information and scheduling is crucial. We have created a free guide to help you cultivate a plan to implement and manage professional call center etiquette and protocols for bankruptcy law.

This detailed guide outlines a strategy for law firm receptionists and call centers to follow that is proven to turn bankruptcy inquiries into attorney appointments.  If you are looking for a few specific things to do to help your firm capture and convert more leads, download this free resource now.

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