A List of Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Us

More and more law firms are discovering the benefits of partnering with a legal call center. Instead of wasting billable hours performing intake and vetting leads, lawyers can outsource these tasks to highly-trained, specialized experts. Best-in-class legal call centers can handle all of the duties of an in-house receptionist and more: client intake, appointment scheduling, follow-up calls, tracking leads and getting retainer contracts signed.

Since 1965, Alert Communications has partnered with thousands of attorneys and hundreds of legal marketing agencies to provide industry-leading call, intake and retainer services. Working with Alert offers a variety of benefits for law firms, including increased client conversions, improved client experiences, increased revenue, improved marketing ROI and much more. Here we’ll discuss each of the specific benefits you can expect to gain from working with Alert in detail.

This eBook will help you understand why our customers choose us as their partner. We are committed to helping law firms and legal marketing agencies grow their business through top-quality services. This piece will certainly show you how we distinguish ourselves and why you want us in your corner helping you.

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