The initial phone call from a potential client is the first impression that person has of your firm – and once you’ve had a first impression, there are no do-overs.

If your phone answering game isn’t on point, you could be losing clients before you even have them. Here are some reasons that training people to answer the phone are so valuable to your client support system.

Proper Training Teaches Good Phone Etiquette

Professionalism is key to running a successful law firm, which is why the person who is answering your phone should be properly trained. It starts with a friendly greeting identifying the firm. Lack of training leads to unprofessional greetings failing to identify the firm which leads to confusion and right away.

As the call progresses, the operator needs to follow the basic rules of empathy while keeping the call moving. This includes identifying and understanding the client’s problem and why this has led him or her to call your firm. And while there needs to be a certain degree of care and understanding, the operator also needs to push forward to get the necessary details. Great training helps the operator accomplish this goal.

The Phone Operator Needs to Ask the Right Questions

When the operator is properly trained, he or she can knock out a big part of your new client intake process during the initial call. By following a script of questions, the operator will get all the vital information necessary by the time the attorney meets with the client for an initial consultation.

Failure to capitalize on this phone time to pre-screen clients or gather case details could cost you time and money. A well-established client intake process will help you filter out any clients who may not have a valid legal case or who may have a type of case that you do not handle.

Alert Communications Operators are Trained to Support Your Law Firm

Your law firm doesn’t have to worry about finding room in the budget to hire a person to answer phones or spend resources training someone. Instead, save money and effort by having Alert Communications take care of all your phone answering and correspondence needs.

Our phone operators are trained in proper phone etiquette, empathy, and will handle your law firm’s phone calls in a way you see fit (intake process, appointments, messages, etc.). To learn more about our intake call center for law firms, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 844-694-6825.