As a legal marketing agency, your main objective is to help law firms generate leads, which are the driving force behind the success of their business. In fact, with just a single lead, law firms can obtain a new case worth up to $20,000 for personal injury and up to $150,000 for mass tort. True success, however, comes from the firm’s ability to capture and convert qualified leads.

That’s where a legal call center comes in. At Alert, for example, we have the ability to nurture every lead from their first point of contact with law firms. This not only benefits legal clients, but it can also help your marketing agency achieve positive results. Below are a few reasons why marketing agencies love to partner with legal call centers.

1. They Can Improve Lead Capture Rates

When prospects call law firms, they expect to receive a prompt response that helps ease their worries about their looming legal issues. If they cannot reach a knowledgeable representative with their initial call, they will continue down the list, calling other law firms until they do. If law firms do not have dedicated intake specialists on hand to handle the call volume, legal marketing agencies’ campaigns cannot achieve their true potential.

As the leading legal call center, Alert helps marketing agencies and their clients overcome this problem by providing 24/7/365 phone coverage. Aiming for a lead capture rate of 99%, they give all leads the attention they need to “stop the shopping” and keep them engaged with the law firm. Their dedicated support services ensure they achieve a lead loss rate of less than 3%, which is far below the industry norm of 8%.  

2. They are Skilled at Increasing Lead Conversion Rates

As you run each marketing campaign for your clients, the law firms’ staff have to nurture each lead to promote great conversion rates. If they cannot handle high call volumes or do not provide each lead with adequate support, your marketing efforts could fall flat.

When you partner with a legal call center like Alert, you can help your clients better capture leads and turn them into new cases. At the first point of contact with the client, they provide immense support in helping them overcome their legal problems with trained specialists. They can also input and track leads in the firm’s CRM software and provide contract services to sign all qualified leads on the initial call. With all of these efforts, call centers can help both marketing agencies and law firms boost their conversion rates.

3. They Can Boost Marketing Return on Investment

As the legal call center helps improve lead capture and conversion rates for your clients, their marketing return on investment (ROI) will naturally increase as well. This will help increase their annual revenue, reinforcing the value of their partnership with your legal marketing agency.

Alert always aims to boost marketing ROI by working on converting leads from the first point of contact. Our specialists are accessible 24/7/365 to ensure all prospects receive a live response and prompt support despite the time or day. They also provide information, schedule appointments and even deliver contracts and retainer agreements to effectively convert leads and boost marketing ROI for all your clients.

Creating a Valuable Partnership with a Legal Call Center

Marketing agencies and their valued clients can greatly benefit from a partnership with a legal call center like Alert Communications. With our services, your legal clients can capture and nurture more leads to achieve higher conversion rates. This can help them generate more annual revenues and increase their marketing ROI, which can also lead to positive results for your marketing agency.