Social media enables people to connect and share content and opinions in ways like never before. It has become an essential means of communication for millions.

In fact, according to Pew Research Center, 73% of U.S. adults now use YouTube, 68% are on Facebook, 24% are on Twitter, and 25% are on LinkedIn.

Lawyers can make the most of these ever-growing social media channels by increasing awareness, building leads, and most importantly, gaining new clients.

We’ll tell you how to utilize law firm social media to reach your desired audience, as well as how to best retain leads and turn them into clients when the calls start flooding in.

Finding the Right Platform

First, it’s important to find the right channel to reach your audience. Here’s how to best utilize each of the most popular social media platforms for your law firm:


One of the most compelling ways to convince a website visitor to contact your firm is through video. YouTube can be used to create a general introduction to your law firm to welcome visitors to your site. It can also be used to create testimonial videos with real clients stating how your law firm helped them. Finally, it can be used to create explanation videos where you explain a topic your audience might be interested in or have questions about. It’s a good opportunity to display your expertise and build credibility.


Draw in leads and maximize conversion rates on Facebook. This can be done using both (very inexpensive) paid strategies and organic strategies. When it comes to paid strategies, Facebook allows you to customize your audience to target specific groups with pinpoint accuracy. You can basically create the ideal client based on their income level, how far they might drive to see a lawyer, and so on. When it comes to organic strategies, keep in mind that the most effective posts are engaging. This means they should include video, images, and/or questions. It’s important to know what will engage your audience, as well as what time of day to post.


Start conversations and share/cultivate information on hot topics in the law industry on Twitter. It’s just another place to build your authoritative presence and expertise online, while also building trust and engagement. A helpful formula to follow when tweeting is keeping 50% of your tweets linked to other people’s content (such as articles and blog posts), 30% interactions with others (re-tweets or direct conversation) and 20% should consist of promotional content (your own blog posts or articles about your firm).


According to HootSuite, LinkedIn is built for “social selling.” It allows you to create a strong professional brand and authoritative voice through your presence on the platform. You can also connect and engage with professionals in your industry, as well as grow and maintain those relationships. Ultimately, on LinkedIn, you can position yourself and your law firm as a solution to your audience’s problems.

Capture Those Leads with Law Firm Social Media

The majority of adults are on social media, so why not reach them where they’re already at?

With a solid and engaging presence on social media, you will become more credible and appealing to potential clients when they are searching for a law firm online.

The leads will start flowing in!

Make sure you are ready to manage them effectively, or all of your efforts to build your social media repertoire will be a waste.

Can your law firm’s intake system handle the influx? If not, hiring a legal answering service can ensure you capture every single lead that comes your way.

Alert Communications Can Help

Alert Communications services thousands of attorney clients and has completed millions of intakes. Our abandon rates are below 3%, and we even call back hang-ups. You can rest assured knowing that when your leads call in (due to your killer social media presence, of course) we will be there to answer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Are you ready to step up your law firm social media and bring on the leads? Consider hiring Alert Communications to handle your intakes and turn those calls into contracts.

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