You have a website and it’s actually getting visitors. Your analytics are impressive but the phone isn’t ringing. What gives?

Creating and maintaining a website to convert well is a never-ending job. You can check this out to understand the relatively easy things you can do to increase your chances of conversion.

Check Your Analytics

Start by taking a good long look at Google Analytics (or your analytics program of choice).  Review the information to see what pages are visited most often. Check out the bounce rate and time on that page. If the numbers show low “time on page” numbers and a high bounce rate, then you will want to start improving those pages first. Something could be amiss and cause website visitors to simply leave your website before they even browse other pages.

Edit the Headlines & Key Message

Every single page on your website should have a specific key message. Typically this is in the header area, either overlaid on a photo, just above, or just below the photo. The message should be your unique value proposition and answer the question, “why should someone choose your firm over the competition?”

Shy away from listing terms like “Experienced. Knowledgeable. Dedicated.”  These words are fluff and convey nothing of value about your firm. Instead, focus on what makes your firm unique and answer the question “why is working with us desirable?” Ensure your key message is specific enough to inspire action.  Decide if you are either selling prospects a better version of themselves or trying to solve a specific issue that they have.

Narrow Your Focus and Define Your Audience

You are not going to convert everyone who visits your website. It just won’t happen. However, you should narrow your content focus to try and convert those who fit your perfect client. When writing your content, direct it to your perfect client so that you convert the most important leads the majority of the time.

Add More Calls to Action

Every single page needs a call to action. If you want more calls, list the phone number!  It sounds like an obvious item, but so many law firms neglect to list their phone number in a prominent place on the website. The phone number should ideally be in the top right corner.  It can be in the footer too, and you can also place it at the end of the copy with a specific call to action.  Bottom line: make the different methods of contacting your firm clear and obvious.

Offer Free Consultations

If you give away free consultations, then list that information.  List it in multiple places and make sure it is clear. Clients are more likely to contact your firm if you offer free consultations.

Add Elements that Help You Establish Trust

Try increasing the “trust factor” of your website. You should include testimonials, display the number or types of clients you serve, display logos of reputable companies you represent and display awards or organizations you belong to.  If you have been in business for a long time then display the number of years you’ve been practicing. If you have a great team, focus on smiling faces in your photos and showcasing their exemplary traits.

Use Your Best Images

Don’t just throw up stock art and expect it to make an impression. You want your images to tell a story. Ideally, they would reinforce your brand values and unique value proposition. Browse premium photography or work with a graphic artist to create something unique that mirrors your brand.

Decrease Your Load Time

Your website needs to load quickly. Run your website through Google’s Page Speed Insights. If you are not at a 90 or above, talk to your web team about options for making the website load faster.

Increase Traffic

Sometimes the situation is that you are either not getting enough traffic, or not enough of the right kind of traffic (yes, there is a wrong type of traffic). Again, take a look at your Google Analytics and see if you are increasing traffic monthly. If not, you need to be marketing more with targeted SEO and PPC campaigns.

Test, Test, Test!

You need to test the website.  Add new taglines, call to actions, and messages to the website for a month. At the end of the month compare the analytics and see which version converts. Test, test, test and then refine, refine, refine!

Set Up a Call Only PPC Campaign

A call-only campaign is a great referral resource for most law firms, especially criminal defense, family and plaintiff firms. A call-only campaign allows clients to call you directly, skipping the need to visit your website.  If your website is under-performing, consider writing a great ad with Google PPC and get clients directly to the phone.

Bonus 12th Idea – Lead Management System in Place

Your internet marketing efforts won’t mean anything if there is not a strategic lead management system in place. For example, a 24/7 Legal Intake and Call Center Service like Alert Communications allows you to respond immediately, which makes clients happy. In addition, these services will help increase lead conversions.