The number of businesses utilizing social media continues to grow each day, proving that this communication platform is not going anywhere for a long time. Although businesses large and small are creating social profiles on a number of different networks, some confusion still exists as far as maintaining your social media presence.

For call centers, social media plays just as important of a role as any other form of marketing. The main goals of social media are to share news, educate, and connect with your target audience to form solid relationships. Social media also allows call centers to improve their customer care by immediately addressing issues through these platforms.

In order to make the time spent on social media worthwhile, make sure you are practicing the best strategies to benefit your call center and also do read this page that helps you to extend your reach much more. Twitter is a strong platform to use for sharing industry news, tips, and information about your services with a large network of people. It also helps form brand credibility and keeps search engines interested in your content. Social media takes dedication and planning; to ensure SMO efforts do not go to waste, we recently consulted’s Top 10 Twitter Posting Strategy:

  1. Respond to comments, questions, and mentions of your business.
  2. Retweeting positive feedback.
  3. Following Friday recommendations (#FF).
  4. Retweeting community resources.
  5. Online press releases.
  6. Contests your business holding.
  7. Real-time local news or stories of interest to the public.
  8. Resource links provided by your company.
  9. Occasional sentiments to personalize your image.
  10. Posts also made on your Facebook page. also recommended the following strategies to promote your call center’s social media presence:

  • Wherever your email address is (business cards, email signatures, etc.), you should also have your personal Twitter handle and/or your company’s Twitter handle.
  • Link to your Twitter page from every possible avenue – Facebook, LinkedIn, newsletter, blog.
  • Submit your call center’s Twitter profile to the more popular Twitter directories – TwitterHolic, WeFollow, and Tracking Twitter to name a few – to build links and be visible.

It’s also helpful to stay abreast of the latest developments in social media in order to understand the most useful strategies for the future. Practice these tips (and encourage employees to do the same!) for increased visibility and an ultimately effective social media campaign.