If you are one of the many ambitious solo and small law firm attorneys attending the Great Legal Marketing Summit in Arlington, VA, we are excited to see you next month!

The Summit offers various learning and networking opportunities, giving attorneys the chance to improve their trial and business skills.

The annual Trial Lawyers Summit is a unique gathering of nation’s most outstanding civil plaintiff and criminal defense lawyers. Offering a variety of networking opportunities and informative sessions, the Summit gives attorneys the chance to improve their trial skills and business management. Whether you are trying your first case, or your hundredth, perfecting your practice starts with the Trial Lawyers Summit. There will also be numerous networking events scattered throughout the four-day Summit.

If you haven’t registered yet, click here to save your seat. Still on the fence? Here are five types of lawyers/attorneys who will benefit most from attending:

  • Attorneys who are just starting to build up the marketing for their firm.
  • Lawyers frustrated with the effectiveness of their current marketing.
  • Already successful attorneys who want to gain an edge over the competition.
  • Lawyers who have hit a plateau and are looking for fresh opportunities.
  • Those who are great lawyers but need guidance in marketing tactics that really work.

During this event, you will gain the tools to grow your law firm in more ways than one through superior marketing. Learn how to add new revenue to your bottom line, upgrade the quality of clients coming in and become the “visionary” instead of just the day-to-day worker.

At Alert Communications, we are believers that superior marketing combined with effective client intake is the key to success. Stop by our table any time throughout the conference, from October 3-5, 2019. Our team is thrilled to connect with you to discuss improving your law firm’s intake and ultimately increasing your marketing return on investment!

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