Depending on who you ask, everyone will have a different opinion on whether saving or investing is the better route to go for your business.

Saving money is taking the money you earn and placing it in a safe and easily accessible spot such as a savings or checking account. Investing is using your money to buy an asset which you think will yield an acceptable rate of return over time, hopefully making you or your business wealthy. Dividing your money between the two is really the best option. How does that old saying go? “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”


We save because we never know what the future will hold and emergencies do come up. Whether you’ve lost an employee and are scrambling to hire someone and need to turn to an agency to find that person. Or maybe a few of the office computers are on the fritz and need to be replaced. These are situations where you will need money, fast.


Investing money is the only way you can help your business grow! You need to take some risk if you want to see some potential return. Investing can be different for each company. Maybe you need to hire an accountant because your business has outgrown QuickBooks. Do you go with someone who just got out of graduating college for cheap, hoping that they will be able to handle the job? Or do you hire someone with years of experience and pay a higher wage to make sure your business flourishes?

But Which is Better?

Is saving better than investing? Or maybe vice versa? What about using them in tandem? Most experts agree that time is a big differentiator when it comes to saving versus investing.

According to Pete the Planner, a personal financial expert for Fox59, time is a huge factor. “My rule of thumb is if your time horizon is two years or less, save the money, don’t invest it.”

So, if time is on your side, then investing is the right way to go.

Choose Alert Communications

Purchasing the right service is also another form of investing. Take Alert Communications for example. We offer a variety of ways to help you earn more money. In the end, our services will offset the prices you are paying. Is your law firm running a big marketing campaign and expecting a lot of calls throughout the week? Not a problem, we are open 24/7 and can handle any overflow throughout the day or/and handle any overnight calls. We will vet the leads that are coming in and make sure they meet all the intake requirements you set for us. What’s left over is a lot of vetted leads for you the next morning.

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