Alert Communications’ parent company, Nexa Receptionists Holdings, LLC (“Nexa”), the leading provider of tech-enabled business services for companies of all sizes across the United States, welcomes Sandi Valdovinos as its first-ever Chief People Officer (CPO) for its two brands: Nexa and Alert Communications. 

Sandi Valdovinos

“Sandi has the rare combination of human resources and operations leadership, so she was a perfect fit to serve in this new executive role,” said Nexa CEO Jeff Mosler. “At Nexa, people are our greatest asset—we have passionate, customer-centric employees, and we’re excited to have Sandi in the CPO role to lead our dedicated employees and support our strong and continued growth.” 

As CPO of Nexa, Valdovinos leads the entire human resources organization, including recruiting, company culture, career pathing and professional development. Before taking on this role, she served as senior vice president of HR & operations at Alert Communications. 

“It has always been my belief that to be a valuable professional you need to understand the overall business and how your role fits into, and helps drive, the larger company goals,” said Valdovinos. “I think it is my curiosity in our business, coupled with my interest in our people, that led me to become the company’s first-ever Chief People Officer.” 

“It sounds simple enough, but the responsibility of a company’s people can be complex. People are different and unique, so tapping into what motivates them and how they want to be recognized can be an incredibly challenging but worthwhile endeavor.” 

In this new role, Valdovinos’ top priorities include fostering employee career growth and development by working on career progression tools and programs, creating more meaningful ways to recognize employees who work hard to make valuable contributions to the organization, and executing on a vision that inspires Nexa and Alert employees, and makes them feel like they’re part of something bigger. 

“I want to inspire all of us with a mission to do our best work and be our best selves.” 

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