What is a lead worth if it’s not captured and turned into a paying client?

Retainer services are meant to be an immediate response for incoming leads from any marketing or mass tort campaign, at any time. These leads may come in via phone, web form, chat, email, text—you name it.

Highly-trained intake specialists help take these leads from initial contact to an e-signed retainer contract, sometimes even on the very first call, so those leads can’t slip away.

Below are some retainer services you can expect to use to ensure the highest conversion rates and to maximize return on investment (ROI).


Retainer services are executed most efficiently and successfully through E-sign (as opposed to traditional paper contacts sent via “snail mail”). Some E-sign providers include DocuSign and eSign.

A legal call center starts the process while on the phone with your potential client. On your behalf, they can text or email the electronic client retainer agreement (from your firm’s email account) while remaining on the line until the entire process is complete.

Once the retainer is sent and the call has concluded, all of the information is passed on to you so you can start the follow-up process with your new client.

If you are looking for support with E-sign, as it is an important step in the intake process, hire a quality company that has mastered this task. Additionally, the whole process should be customizable, tailored to your law firm’s needs or campaign-specific needs and be HIPAA compliant.

Lead Tracking

25% of law firms don’t track their leads at all. If your firm is a part of that percentage, it’s definitely time to partner with a legal-specific call center that provides lead tracking services.

Lead tracking is the progression of following leads from their first point of contact with your firm to the conversion stage (where the electronic retainer agreement is signed).

Professional legal answering services have advanced lead tracking systems, driven by robust software, which automatically identify the stage your leads are currently in. Those leads are then connected with the next available intake specialist, making sure your potential clients receive the information they need at the most important stages of the intake process.


When potential clients reach out to your firm, they are hoping to achieve something. They typically have a problem. For instance, they, or a family member or friend, have been in an accident or injured. The caller is looking for answers and help—from you.

Scheduling an appointment with the potential client establishes very clear next steps while you still have them on the phone, whether it’s for another call or to meet at your office.

Once this appointment is set, they will feel like everything is going to be taken care of in your law firm’s hands, and hopefully their needs will be satisfied. Therefore, they will be much less likely to reach out to another law firm.

A superior legal call center with retainer services knows the importance of calendar scheduling. They apply their expert training in empathy, psychology, and legal terminology to build rapport and make callers feel comfortable enough to set an appointment and take those next steps.

Professional Retainer Services

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