As much as 42 percent of the time, law firms take three days or more to respond to voicemails or web generated form. Poor responsiveness is costly for law firms, which can lose leads, productivity and, ultimately, revenue as a result.

If you want an effective, profitable law firm with a high conversion rate, you need to focus on improving your responsiveness.

How Responsiveness Impacts Client Intake

What is responsiveness? Responsiveness means responding as quickly and positively as possible to phone calls, chat messages and emails when a potential client reaches out to you. The speed of communication is important, and responding with a live message is equally important.

In fact, people looking for a law firm want to know their chosen firm is going to respond to them. In one particular survey, 200 in-house lawyers indicated they valued responsiveness more than any other factor. In fact, responsiveness rated 8.8 out of 10 on importance, compared to understanding of the businesses (8.6) and specialist expertise (7.6). In other words, responsiveness is the deciding factor in which law firm gets chosen, and this makes it an important place to focus time and effort.

Low Responsiveness Creates Serious Challenges

If responsiveness is the number one deciding factor for many potential clients, then on the other hand, lack of responsiveness can hurt your overall intake and conversions. When your firm is not responsive, it hurts potential clients’ ability to trust you. People seeking the help of a law firm are often in the midst of challenges and need help quickly. If you can’t respond quickly, you don’t look trustworthy.

This may encourage potential clients or even current clients to start shopping around. They begin looking for other potential firms to trust with their needs. When they find one that is more responsive, then that competitor becomes more appealing. When the prospective client chooses your competition, you miss out on potential income. Over time, this can have a negative impact on your bottom line.

How to Improve Law Firm Responsiveness

If lack of responsiveness is so detrimental, what is the solution? Improving responsiveness is not difficult, but you need the right tools. First, choose an advanced phone system that will filter leads to the right people. Then, hire a dedicated intake specialist whose sole job it is to take care of incoming leads. This live response will lead to greater conversions. Finally, use a CRM or CMS system to automate your workflow, which will help you streamline the intake process without hurting your responsiveness.

Another option is to partner with a legal call center. A quality legal call center like Alert has a team of dedicated intake specialists who are always available when someone is looking for your services. Even if this happens in the middle of the night, you can have a live person responding to potential leads in English or Spanish. With the help of a legal call center, you can have a highly responsive law firm, without adding to your “to do” list.

Responsiveness is the key to maximizing client conversions because it creates trust and keeps potential clients from shopping around with the competition. As you look for ways to improve responsiveness and boost your results, use the above tips. With a responsive firm, you will see greater income and lead conversion, leading to increased revenue for your firm.