In early 2021, Maz Ghorban became Alert Communications’ first executive vice president, bringing with him 25 years in the professional services, call center and software industries. 

Maz leads day-to-day operations and is committed to driving Alert Communications’ strategic innovation. His overall mission is to expand Alert’s high-quality service offering into new markets, while building upon the company’s long standing culture of supporting employees in their career goals. 

His focus is on three key areas of opportunity for Alert Communications and its clients:

  • Technological advancements that drive higher value for clients
  • Expansion of services into new areas of the legal practice
  • Technical solutions that promote an economy of scale

In this Q&A blog, Maz dives deeper into each of these areas.

Direction of Business: A High-Level Overview

Q: What is the general direction of business for Alert Communications in 2021 and beyond? 

A: This year offers us a chance to focus our strategy towards three core endeavors. First, innovating our services further from a technology standpoint will allow us to offer more high value features at an attractive price point for our clients. Second, we believe we can expand into new legal practice areas that have traditionally been underserved in regard to both the options available to attorneys, as well as the services they can offer to their clients directly. Third, I believe, in partnership with our sister-brand Nexa Receptionists, we will be able to offer new services and technical solutions to our clients that will allow them to benefit from the economies of scale that come with having a single vendor solution for their business needs.

Driving Higher Value for Clients With Advanced Technology

Q: What are some examples of the technological advancements you see being implemented at Alert that will drive higher value for our clients?

A: Many of our clients leverage our services to maximize their return on investment from their marketing initiatives. This year will include development of high interoperability between our services and their internal marketing systems. Dynamic, real-time integrations will help shorten the time between intake generation and intake contact, as well as intake disposition and campaign analytics.

Expanding Into More Areas of the Legal Practice  

Q: What areas of the legal practice do you see Alert expanding into?

A: We are excited about the opportunities we see for our service offering to impact attorneys in the areas of immigration, medical malpractice and bankruptcy. We believe our expertise with personal injury and mass tort litigation intake prepares us well for the complex intake questionnaires that drive these specific practice areas.

Promoting Economy of Scale 

Q: What are some examples of the technical solutions that will promote an economy of scale at Alert?

A: Our integration with Nexa affords us the ability to invest in technologies that we may not have been able to implement on our own. The combined resources and financial options that this synergy creates will allow us to invest in solutions that make us faster, smarter and more efficient. The better we get at our business, the more value we create for our clients at a competitive price.

Setting Goals for Alert Communications

Q: What are two of your short-term goals? And what is one long-term goal you have for the company?

A: We have already begun to reimagine our business strategy and business structure towards the future. We’ve brought in new industry talent as well as invested more into our best people so that we can better align with the market and the realities that our clients are facing as they begin to plan their transition from a COVID-impacted world. Combined with the new call center solutions we are rolling out this year, we believe our short-term future is bright. For the long-term, we will further embrace our role as the industry leader in legal intake services and consulting. In the coming months and years, we will offer more services and solutions to our customer base that give them a single vendor solution for both their intake strategy and overall business management plans.

With Maz at the lead, we’re excited to continue to help our clients and future clients navigate and grow their business in a post-COVID world. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Alert’s services or interested in learning how to streamline your call, intake and retainer processes—and get to know us better—download our eBook, “How Alert Communications Can Help Your Law Firm.”

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